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This Adorable DIY Beach Tote Bag is Totes #SummerGoals

by Arielle
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With the dog days of summer quickly approaching, many of us will be heading to the beach to try and beat the heat {and to squeeze in every last second of summer}. To make the best of your beach trip, you’ll of course need to bring along a towel, some snacks, something to drink {hopefully in your DIY’d water bottle!} — but where do you put all of your goodies? The beach bag dilemma should really be simple, but you always forget you need one when you’re at the store, and you just can’t rationalize buying one mid-August when there are only a few weeks left of summer. Plus, bringing your purse to the beach is a recipe for a sandy mess disaster, and any bag that you’d have to squeeze into an overhead compartment is way too big for the beach. For the perfect sized solution — for a fraction of what you’d spend at a store — we’ve got a solution to your summertime woes with this adorable DIY beach tote that is totally #SummerGoals. 

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What You’ll Need:

– A cotton tote bag {like this one from Amazon}

– A mini bag {for your cell phone, sunscreen, and SPF chapstick}

– Pom-pom trim {found at your local craft store or try Michael’s in Secaucus or Edgewater}

– Iron-on decals and letters {same as above}

– An iron {you should have this, #adulting}

– Needle and thread — you can use a decorative thread, or thread in a color that matches your trim. {FYI: This mini sewing kit is great because it has a variety of colors, needle sizes, and straight pins to keep your trim straight while you sew}

{Pro tip: if you’re handy with a sewing machine, go ahead and use that.}

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What To Do:

– Before you start ironing or sewing anything down permanently, pick out what design or phrase you want to put on your tote bag.

– Cut out any letters or decals and cut your trim to the correct size, making sure to measure twice and cut once, so you don’t end up with one row too long and another too short. Lay out your decals and trim, and make sure your design looks perfect.

– For the trim, sew small stitches near the top of the trim to ensure that it stays in place, but also so that the stitches aren’t too visible. Take your time and watch your fingers {you don’t want to stick yourself with the needle or sew your sleeve to your bag… not speaking from experience or anything.}

– After you finish sewing the trim on, lay out your iron-on letters and decals where you want them. Turn your iron on and let it heat up. Then, continue to follow the instructions on the iron-on decal packaging.

– **DIY Bonus: If you want to try another angle, you can dip-dye the bag, paint it with fabric paint, or try a different type of trim — sequins, anyone?  

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And there you have it — your customized, perfectly sized beach tote! Tag us in your crafty creations and show us your best designs on Instagram @HobokenGirlBlog or #HobokenGirl {“Rosé All Day” or “Beach Hair Don’t Care” work great for this}. Have fun!


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