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17 Summer Beauty Must-Haves From Our Editor-in-Chief

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Summer is a time for road trips, outdoor dining, and other adventures — sun usually included. But while you’re out in the heat and humidity, it can be hard to keep up with your beauty routine. That’s why we’ve gone ahead {with the help of our Editor-in-Chief} and created our list of beauty must-haves for the summer. From organic deodorant that DOESN’T make you smell like a caveman to whipped sunblock that is all-the-rage right now {grease be gone}, this is a crucial summer beauty list of products to add to your weekender bag. PS: NONE of this is sponsored, it’s really just tried-and-true finds from Jen!

1. Moxie Mist {Organic Cooling Mist Made Locally}

Whether you’re road tripping, sitting at the airport, or just want to freshen up while in your cubicle, Moxie Mist is the spray you need. An organic, local Jersey City company, you’ll be spritzing and cooling to your heart’s content all summer long. PS mention our use code MOXIEMIST on their website via our deals directory and get 20% off plus a free muslin cloth.

2. RG Cosmetics {Brassy Hair No Mo’}

For anyone who hates brassy blonde hair after a few weeks of washes, this shampoo/conditioning duo is a saving grace {especially for any brunette who has gone blonde and wants to keep her platinum/ashy tones}. RG has created several color-focused hair products that you can use as shampoo and conditioner and keep your cool hue. Tried and true by yours truly, the only recommendation is not to freak out when you see the color of the product {it’s BLUE}. As long as you rinse it off your hands/hair/shower walls, there will be no staining happening.

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3. Sente {Hydrated Skin}

Dermatologist tested and recommended, Sente is a skincare line that includes a wide variety of products that are soothing to your skin — with a light and creamy texture that is great for summer. Tip: Opt for the bio complete serum to completely hydrate your face and neck.

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4. Lakur Nailpolish {One-Week Polish Sans Gel}

Looking for a nail polish that doesn’t need UV but will last for most of your vacation? Lakur is a great gel alternative similar to Vinylux or Essie Gel Couture. This polish company houses a variety of unique and vibrant summer polishes that are key for a splash of color. You’ll need their clear topcoat so that it stays the duration.

5. Mudjestic Skincare {Masks For a DIY-Spa Night In — Made Locally}

Clay anything, and we’re in. Made by a local resident, Mudjestic Skincare is a line of beauty products that are made of natural volcanic ash clay. Not only will your skin thank you, but your spa selfie game will be on-point with the dark volcanic ash on your face. A few minutes goes a long way — no need to let this dry as it works in just five minutes.

3 Aluminum-Free Deodorants {That Don’t Make You Smell Like a Caveman}:

– 6. Zentuary Deodorant {Made Locally}

Zentuary is a 100% aluminum and toxin-free deodorant handmade in small batches, and you can really tell that the creator takes pride in using high quality ingredients that neutralize your pH levels and absorb moisture. They come in large and small sticks — ideal for travel or when you’re on-the-go and need to reapply during the day.

– 7. K Shay’s Deodorant {Made in Hoboken}

Started by a Hoboken local, K Shay’s deodorant is composed of four ingredients — and none of them include aluminum! But don’t let that small list fool you, this natural deodorant comes power-packed so you don’t end up smelling like you just hiked 10 miles in the dessert. Tip: Try the lavender scent; it’s super light but goes a long way. {Oh, and PS: you need to store in a cool place, since one of the ingredients is coconut oil.}

-8. LaVanille Deodorant  {Smells AMAZING}


Found in Sephora {coming to Hoboken soon — haayyy}, this deodorant is *legit* amazing smelling {and is aluminum-free}. If you’re trying to keep yourself smelling fresh while using aluminum-free deodorant {seriously, those two seem to be mutually exclusive unfortunately}, this is your go-to. We recommend the Vanilla scent, but they have a variety of deliciously-scented flavors.

9. IT Cosmetics {Travel-Sized Makeup with HQ in JC}

The fear of the 3oz rule is no more: IT Cosmetics has come out with a line of minis, perfect for those summer weekend getaways. Tip: If you haven’t tried the CC tinted moisturizer cream, get on it STAT. It’s SPF 50 and has better coverage than some regular foundations without the SPF benefits. Their bronzer/blush/illuminator palette is also a favorite.

10. Live Clean Soap {All-Natural Soap and Body Wash}


Live Clean is all about, well, living clean inside and out. Their soap solutions are formulated with gentle and organic ingredients that really do feel like you’re choosing the best thing for your skin and health — not to mention the bottle is biodegradable + recyclable, and there are absolutely no harsh chemicals. Tip: Try their body wash; it smells amazing! Perfect for washing up after a day at the beach.

11. Skinerals {Organic Skin Science Sunless Bronzer}


It’s the time of the year to get that summer glow — but harsh rays and sun damage aren’t ideal for youthful and healthy skin. Skinerals Sunless Bronzer is our pick for staying sun-kissed without aging your face. The solution is organic and natural, so you don’t have to worry about rubbing harsh chemicals into your skin either. You’ll be tan in no time!

12. Purequosa {Organic Cleansing Body Spray}


Purequosa’s body sprays are all have different benefits, but each will freshen, soothe, and sanitize {and are ideal for a post-workout spritz}. They’re antibacterial as well, so they can not only cleanse your body but are also made to keep your yoga mat clean. The one above {Rain} cools, heals, hydrates, and even calms sun burns. Win/win/win for summer.

13. Juvalips {Lip Plumper}

 Juvalips is the holy grail of lip plumpers. Say adiossss to those harsh chemical infused glosses and products {and needles!}; this device gives you a safe and natural alternative. It’s mild enough to use every day but effective enough to give you full lips for up to 10 hours {no Kylie Jenner situations, either}. Plus, it’s compact enough to travel with so your lips can always look their fullest no matter where the summer takes you.

14. Rodan + Fields Lash Boost {For Long Lashes Sans Extensions}


It’s true, we’re jumping on the R&F train — at least a liiiiittle bit. While you may be sick of your long lost Facebook friends sharing their Rodan + Fields sales pitches, the Rodan + Fields Lash Boost is AMAZING and 100% worth the hype. This nourishing lash serum does wonders for your delicate lashes, and can even help broken lashes {after a botched eyelash extension job — been there}. It enhances the strength and length of each lash, and in several weeks, your lashes will be fuller, longer, darker, and best of all — YOUR OWN. It’s a good alternative to lash extensions, that’s for sure, and worth the $.  Click here to purchase!

15. PCA Skincare {at EC Beauty}

^Some of the sunblock minis from the PCA line

You may have heard us rave about facials at EC Beauty studio in Hoboken, but the method behind these skin-saving treatments? PCA Beauty allll the way. A few new products to take a test drive this summer: PCA Rebalance {moisturizing, light and an easy pick for morning and night} and Perfecting Neck Skin Décolleté {ideal for making sure no sun damage/wrinkles happen to your neck and breast area after long days in the sun}, which you can purchase at the spa or online here.

16. Coppertone Whipped Sunblock {Sunblock You’ll Actually Get Excited to Wear}

Photo: @CoppertoneUSA

Coppertone has seriously gone and done it. They’ve made WHIPPED sunblock. It’s amazing, and basically goes on like whipped cream/shaving cream but sans the grease. Bought some from Amazon this summer, and sunburns and streaks/missed spots are a definite thing of the past. Bonus! Its campaign features none other than Jeannine Morris, one of our Hudson County Women to Watch in 2017. Trust us, you’ll actually be excited to put sunblock on this summer.

17. Nugg Face Masks {To-Go Facials for the Plane}

Found at Whole Foods or online here, Nugg mini facials are the perfect complement to your beauty regimen when you’re traveling. Pop a few of these bad boys in your carry-on, and slather them on for 10 minutes after a long flight to combat your dry skin {after washing your face of course}. You can also sleep in them, but just be careful to test out on a small portion of your face so you don’t clog your pores if your skin is super sensitive to heavy moisturizers. Totally obsessed!


Just a few beauty favorites of the season. Which have you tried? Happy summer, beauties!




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