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‘I Started to Lose My Sense of Taste + Smell:’ A COVID-19 Patient Shares Their Story

by Hoboken Girl Team
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As more COVID-19 tests are being conducted, more and more positive cases are coming to light. Of course, there are plenty of questions that many of us have about symptoms of the virus, what having it is like, how to get tested, and many, many more. Well now, we have a few answers. One anonymous patient got in touch with Hoboken Girl to tell us what the experience of COVID-19 is like. The person, in their 30s, wished to remain anonymous, so we kept all of their other demographics private. Here is their story.


Disclaimer: This is one person living locally who had a specific experience with COVID-19. This is meant to be informative only and not a medical opinion or advice by any means, as the severity varies from person to person. All should be practicing social distancing at this time. If you or a loved one are experiencing any symptoms, especially shortness of breath, cough, and fever, please contact your primary physician and call the hotline numbers listed here.

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Where do you live?


What do you do for work?


JK Therapy
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When did you first feel symptoms?

I’ve had a cough for about a week and then last week I started feeling achy. Friday, I started to lose my sense of taste and smell.

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Zap Fitness

What were they? How severe/mild were they?

Aches, dry cough, loss of sense and smell, fever — they were all relatively mild.

When did you decide to take a test? What made you decide?

I read an article that losing your sense of smell could be a symptom. At that point, I still couldn’t smell or taste and decided to get tested since I was in healthcare.

How do you think you contracted COVID-19?

I think it was community-acquired.

Did you have any difficulty getting tested?

Since I work in healthcare, I was able to get tested rather easily.

When did you test positive? How long did it take for results to arrive?

I got tested Monday morning and had my results back Tuesday afternoon.

Did you need to go to a doctor or hospital? Where did you go?

I got tested at the hospital I work at.

What have you been doing to recover? Are you home?

I’m working from home and drinking lots of fluids.

 What medications are you taking?

Tylenol for aches and fever, and Robitussin for my cough.

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Are you still experiencing symptoms?

Yes, I still have aches and can’t taste or smell. It’s been going on [for] a week.

How long have you been quarantined for?

I’ve been in quarantine for nine days.

Before you found out you were positive, did you go anywhere locally?

No, I ordered everything online. Being in healthcare, I know how serious this is and did not take any chances.

What have doctors told you since you have to quarantine? Is there a timeline?

I’ve been told to treat my symptoms like any other flu and stay inside. Should my symptoms become severe, I would go to the hospital. Once my symptoms subside, I should wait three days and then contact my place of work to possibly return.

How do you feel the government is handling the pandemic?

I think it’s being handled appropriately right now. The most critical part of this is everyone staying inside. I had very mild symptoms and tested positive. There are a lot more people like me who haven’t been tested but are in fact positive. Everyone should assume they’re positive to prevent the spread.

Do you have any advice for someone who thinks they’re positive?

Stay inside, drink lots of fluids, and treat it as any other flu. If you notice any difficulty breathing, contact your physician and go to the ER.

Is there anything else you can share to help ease our readers’ minds or inform them of at this scary time.

We will get past this if everyone does their part. Stay inside and let’s flatten this curve.

Do you have a COVID-19 experience to share? Email us at [email protected].


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