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ConSHINEment: A JC Consignment Shop That Gives Back

by Cristina Lombardi
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Thrift + consignment shops are a great idea for a variety of reasons. For one, they’re sustainable and cost effective — plus, many feature unique and one-of-a-kind items. One such noteworthy consignment shop that’s worth a visit is ConSHINEment in Jersey City, which is newer to the Hudson County scene. Whether you’re looking to sell your secondhand clothes; buy new, gently worn items; or simply switch up your wardrobe, this is a great spot to visit. Located at 910 Bergen Avenue in Jersey City, ConSHINEment offers a large selection of styles from streetwear to casual, vintage, and designer clothing. Not only will you receive cash or store credit (on the spot) for items you sell, but you’ll also help the environment through the process of recycling clothing. Read on to learn more about this newer, mission-driven consignment store in Jersey City and what to expect from the buying and selling experience. 

About ConSHINEment

Owner Eddie opened up ConSHINEment, a secondhand clothing store in Jersey City, about four months ago. 

We have been selling online for the past few years — but there came the need for a second hand store, a place for lower income people to shop,” Eddie told HG

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Part of what makes ConSHINEment special is that it helps combat climate change, according to Eddie. What’s more, the shop also partners with non-profits to donate any clothing the store can’t sell. 

“We want to give and do right to our community,” Eddie explained. “It’s not about the income level. There are working families that are struggling and need new work clothes – and ConSHINEment gives them the opportunity to still feel special. We also have a personal alterationist on site to alter any clothing.”  

He added that his staff is not driven by profit but rather by community + cause

The Selling Process

At ConSHINEment, the team makes the selling process simple. No appointment is needed and visitors can expect a short wait time of 5-20 min. According to the website, quality is of the utmost importance and clothes must be clean and in new or almost-new condition. Upon arrival, guests will be connected with an experienced buyer for a quick briefing of what items they are currently buying. 

The buyer will examine each item, piece by piece, choosing which items to buy and at what price point. The process is quick and sellers will be paid 35% of the total marked prices. ConSHINEment is one of the few resale shops that pays outright for clothing, making it a unique experience in Hudson County. Plus, ​all items not selected for resale can be donated to charity as a complimentary service to sellers. 

The Buying Process

According to the website, the ‘buyers’ at ConSHINEment go through extensive training and are highly knowledgeable about the current designer market.  

The buyers will carefully decide whether or not to buy your items based on the cut, color, and fabric, as well as the condition. Vintage, designer, and modern brands are accepted and sellers will be compensated more money for brands and designers that are more popular/desirable than others. At ConSHINEment, the team buys seasonally and is currently accepting fall/ winter clothing — so be sure to keep that in mind and hold onto your summer items until the spring rolls around.  

In addition, ConSHINEMent is always on the lookout for plus sizes, menswear, everyday staples like jeans and t-shirts, button-ups, dresses, shoes, sweaters, jackets, shorts, and skirts in addition to designer brands, vintage items, accessories and athletic wear. 

The Many Benefits of Consignment Shopping

  1. First, consignment stores like ConSHINEment make earning cash for clothes very simple. Unlike other clothing sites, consignment stores take care of the work for you. Sellers no longer need to do the process of taking pictures, writing descriptions, or choosing a price point. At consignment stores, visitors simply put items in a bag and bring them to the store.   
  2. Next, shoppers will save a lot by paying less money for name brands. Consignment stores offer a vast array of stylish items, all with exceptional quality at up to 75% off the retail price.  
  3. In addition, recycling your closet is a great sustainable option. It’s Earth-friendly and it supports the environment by reducing the carbon footprint from the manufacturing process, such as cutting back on the use of crude oils like petroleum to produce modern clothing fabrics like synthetic fibers. According to The Tack Addict, Americans throw away about 10.5 million pieces of clothing every year, so thrifting at consignment stores is a step in the right direction for a sustainable fashion movement.   
  4. And lastly, visitors can find unique, one-of-a-kind items all in one place. From seasonal clothing to rare designer brands and other hidden treasures, stores like ConSHINEment provide visitors with a unique shopping experience. Consignment stores also refresh their inventory every week, meaning the more you visit, the better chances you have at finding something new. With this instant gratification, shoppers can save on trips to the mall.

The Difference Between Consignment Store Shopping and Thrifting

Consignment stores and thrift shops are sometimes described as one in the same – but there are actually a few major differences. Consignment stores differ from thrift shops in that they are usually for-profit, and thrift shops generally operate as charitable organizations.  

Thrift stores accept most donations as is (with less emphasis on quality) so you will find a variety of items that range from brand new to antiques. Consignment shops, however, pay you for your items and donations are not accepted. Here, sellers will receive a percentage of the item’s total sale price – ranging anywhere from about 30%-50% of the final price. 

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As a result, both the shop and the owner profit financially from the sale of goods. Consignment stores are also more selective than thrift stores, as there are usually buyers in store who carefully inspect secondhand items. Furthermore, consignment shops usually resell only the items they think will appeal to their target audience. 

The Things to Know at ConSHINEment

We’ve compiled some things to know about ConSHINEment for those interesting in selling their clothes.

  • Sellers can choose how they want to be paid out. The team pays 35% of the selling price in cash or 50% in store credit. A cash option is only available on the day that items are brought in and credit cannot be converted to cash later. The cash and store credit payout do not include sales tax or processing fees.
  • ConSHINEment buys according to market demand, condition, age, style, brand, and inventory levels. There are no negotiations on prices.  
  • Closet cleanout is limited to about 50 items at a time.  
  • Sellers must be 18+ to sell and require US government-issued ID or passports (accompanied by a Visa as per DCA regulations) to sell. School IDs are not accepted. 

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