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The Hoboken Girl Period Supplies Drive — Combat Period Poverty in Hudson County with Flow Initiative

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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Access to period supplies is an issue that affects millions of menstruating people globally every day. When looking locally, a recent study by The Flow Initiative found that approximately 30% of students in Hudson County struggle to access items such as pads, tampons, sanitary wipes, liners, and more each month. The American Medical Women’s Association defines this hardship under the term ‘period poverty.’ In understanding the need for awareness and resources in this space, we have partnered with The Flow Initiative to create Project Local Access, a drive for period supplies to distribute to those in need and the community at large. 

After successful drives in 2021 + 2020 — that collected over 60,000 supplies — Hoboken Girl and The Flow Initiative have set a lofty goal:

To donate period supplies to at least one school or community center in all 11 towns that make up Hudson County this year. That means reaching last year’s number of 30,000 supplies or more.  

To make this happen, women-owned local businesses throughout Hudson County are coming together to be drop-off spots for period supplies. 

And here’s where we need your help — because it takes a village. Read on for how you can give back to the local community, help those in need, and raise awareness for period poverty in Hudson County.

Project Local Access

Donating period supplies can help change the month and even the school year of menstruating students in Hudson County. 

Dates of Collection for Supplies

Starting October 23rd through November 12th, the local businesses below will accept needed items during business hours. Those interested can bring new boxes of pads, tampons, panty liners, individually wrapped feminine wipes, and menstruation relief pads to any location. The Flow Initiative will collect and disperse where needed. More on the drop-off locations and hours as you read on.

Items Needed (must be new boxes/packages)

Pads (all sizes)

Tampons (all sizes)

Panty Liners

Individually Wrapped Sanitary Products

Personal Heating/Menstruation Pain Relief Pads or Patches

Period product drive

Donation Locations

Little City Books | 100 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken

Friday – Tuesday 10AM – 6PM

Wednesday – Thurday 10AM – 8PM

Mint Market | 303 1st Street, Hoboken

Monday-Thursday 12-8PM

Friday 11AM-8PM

Saturday 11AM-7PM

Sunday 11AM-5PM

Mint Market | 339 Grove Street, Jersey City

Monday-Thursday 12-8PM

Friday-Saturday 11AM-9PM

Sunday 11AM-7PM

JaneDo | 720 Monroe Street, Hoboken

Saturdays 9AM-11AM or during class hours

Hudson Family Chiropractic PT + Acupuncture | 1317 Willow Avenue, Hoboken

Monday + Friday 8AM-6PM
Tuesday + Thursday 8:30AM-2PM
Wednesday 3PM-6PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday

There’s also an opportunity to shop for supplies via this Amazon Wish List and have it delivered directly to the event team.

sabrina period poverty flo initiative

The Need in the Community

Too often period poverty is discussed as a global issue with the idea that menstruating bodies in underdeveloped countries face a lack of access to supplies more often than in the U.S. While the global numbers are high, 20% of menstruating students in this country are forced to miss school or experience an accident during the day. 

Hudson County is home to some of the highest numbers of students facing period poverty in the country. This not only affects overall menstrual hygiene, but can lead to poor education outcomes, missed work, and mental health issues. 

Founder of The Flow Initiative, Eiko La Boria, shared that students who have benefitted from previous drives have said that school is much easier, and they feel more confident when access to supplies is not a worry. In 2021, our partnership was able to donate over 5,000-period supplies to menstruating persons throughout the county. We hope to exceed that number this year.

“With menstrual health products rising in costs nationwide, it’s imperative to raise awareness of period poverty and we are so proud to work with The Hoboken Girl. For the last three years, the team has been instrumental in helping us reach women, girls and all who menstruate,” said Sabrina Browne, Partner, The Flow Initiative. “This month, we just surpassed 750,000 product donations at The Flow Initiative and that milestone would not have been possible without the annual period poverty drive.”

On The Flow Initiative

The stats surrounding period poverty and access to supplies were striking to Jersey City resident Eiko La Boria prompting her into action and to found The Flow Initiative

Just in Jersey City, 90% of menstruating bodies have a need for supplies while in school, 76% have had an accident, and 20% have missed school completely. Upon learning this, Eiko made it her mission to get these products in the hands of those in need while also erasing the stigma and shame often associated with periods. 

Over the years, she has advocated for menstrual equity in the city and county at large while creating an access plan to start getting period product dispensaries and opening emergency period product distribution centers throughout the city. Her work is necessary for the community, and she hopes to take this mission nationwide. 

“I am so grateful for the support, generosity and elevation of our mission that Jen, Jordan, Joelle, the entire Hoboken Girl Team, participating businesses and the great people of Hoboken and Jersey City have bestowed on The Flow Initiative,” Eiko said. “Without question this menstrual product drive, now in its third year, has raised awareness, mobilized the movement to end period poverty and created a call to action that has echoed all the way down to Trenton and across the country.”

Giving Back + Raising Awareness

Please stop by any of the above locations from October 25th to November 15th with period supplies to help us hit our goal. 

To help in the ongoing efforts to raise awareness of the realities of period poverty and the need for supplies, tag @thehobokengirl on social media and give a tag to all businesses helping out with this drive. Together, we can end the stigma of periods and work towards equity.

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