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What’s a Color Analysis, and Where Can I Get One in New Jersey or NYC?

by Briana Carril
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Finding personal style is more challenging than it seems, with all the color palettes, dimensions, and designs making it difficult to find the one suited for you. However, there are tons of stylists and services to help make it fun and easy. Within personal styling, color analysis and style go hand in hand to create the right look, feel, and colors for your wardrobe. Color analysis analyzes which colors and seasons individually fit each skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Analyzing is a breeze as this will significantly boost confidence and comfort, making future shopping trips seem like magic. Read on to find out where to get a color analysis in New Jersey + New York City.

An Eye for Detail | Morristown, NJ

An Eye for Detail prides itself in helping create a fun, confident, and beautiful wardrobe for everyday wear. Services include personal shopping, closet edits, color consultation, and special occasion styling. Color consultation is online biased and discusses which shades match all clothes, accessories, and makeup. These go deeper than just meeting and discussing style. Each one highlights specific lifestyle details to help redesign the comfort that goes into the personal style, making it easier to find an outfit. Meetings can happen online and in person through the website. Any inquiries can be made through the website and Instagram.

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Be Brilliant Styling | Jersey City, NJ

Be Brilliant Styling focuses on giving freedom and power through personal style. While using an intuitive styling method, this approach helps to hone inward on what goals and style brands would best fit together. Some services are style starter, style transformation, and VIP. The style starter gives a glimpse into styling and what finding a color palette is all about. After one or two sessions, primary wardrobe colors for everyday wear will be found, and resources will be given to help make shopping easier. Be Brilliant Styling has virtual appointments and can be made through its website.

Bryn Taylor Style | 337 West 71st Street, New York

Bryn Taylor Style is skilled in redefining comfortability regarding closet organization, style, and personal shopping. Styling services are closet organization, personal shopping, and outfit building. With the closest organization comes the breakdown of what style works and what colors blend well together. The closet organization not only highlights certain pieces but also gives notes on each color and pattern that works with the style and body of the client. This dive-in and declutter is a great way to find what colors and style hacks work within each outfit. Appointments can be made through the email located on the website.

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Chic Inspiration | 133 West 72nd Street, New York

Chic Inspiration’s mission is to help men and women find the style that makes them feel the most comfortable and beautiful. Education on styling tips and tricks is also a significant priority when finding a wardrobe for everyday use or for special occasions. Style Analysis discusses lifestyle, dislikes, and likes in fashion and any favorite brands to determine a specific style preference. Color analysis is also done in this package as it helps narrow down what colors to focus on. Other services are wardrobe renovation, assisted shopping, tie it all together, a day of style, an afternoon of style, and gift shopping. Appointments can be made through its website.

House of Color | Morris County, NJ


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House of Color specializes in finding a stylist for all wardrobe needs and helps revamp styles to create fresh new looks. The primary three services are style, makeup, and color, which help narrow down a stylist who can help. The color service takes about two to three hours to match different shades of color based on skin tone. The color matches are also used to pair makeup products such as blush and lipstick to compliment the skin and colors. In-person and virtual appointments can be made through its website and Instagram.

Modnista Styling | 85 Broad Street, New York

Modnista Styling makes finding a suitable and flattering wardrobe for all seasons effortless. The color analysis process is done virtually and is the first step in the process of enhancing style. The two primary services are basic color analysis and comprehensive color analysis. Each one gives a detailed report on what colors would complement significant features, including makeup and jewelry. Appointments can be made through its website. Others are style development and personal shopping.

Mona Sharaf | 244 5th Avenue, New York

Mona Sharaf dedicates its time to making men and women feel fabulous and educated through color analysis, style, and shopping. The color analysis consists of draping different colored fabrics to determine which colors look good and which season of colors it is, helping with shopping in the future. It will also test which colors to avoid as it does not compliment hair and skin tone color. Bookings can be made through the phone number on the website. A few other services are closet reorganization and full-service personal shopping.

Next Level Wardrobe | 188 Grand Street, New York

Next Level Wardrobe believes that starting with the basic foundation of a wardrobe is the closet. Starting with the closet makes finding the color palette and style easier to work with. Rather than buying a new closet, maximizing what’s already there is essential. The virtual personal styling is precisely this, helping determine what colors look good and what don’t — receiving a personal shopping guide and a fitting session. In-person appointments are also available.

Seklab | 225 East 47th Street, New York

Seklabs’ passion for discovering how colors look and feel on all its clients is its top priority. The color analysis service dives deep into color theory using updated technology to analyze the correct color pallet and the pigments of skin tone, hair color, and eye color. This can be a private or a group experience. The personal analysis is a one-hour session and provides a results sheet at the end to summarize the information. Appointments are made through its website.

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The Outfit Curator | 303 5th Avenue, New York


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The Outfit Curator aspires to uplift and instill confidence and empowerment in women through color analysis and styling. Its packages are in-person color analysis, virtual color analysis, and a follow-up color analysis. The in-person analysis will dive into contrast, undertone/ temperature, brightness/value, and saturation/ chroma through skin tone and hair color to find the next match. Appointments can be made through its website and Instagram.

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