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RWJBarnabas Announces Center for Sleep Disorders at Jersey City Medical Center

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If you’ve got sleep problems, RWJBarnabas is here to help now that it’s opened the Center for Sleep Disorders at Jersey City Medical Center. The new center, located at 410 Jersey Avenue, will offer everything from consultations, diagnostics, and other treatment services to Hudson County patients older than five years old.

According to the RWJBarnabas website, “The Center for Sleep Disorders at Jersey City Medical Center is a state-of-the-art facility conveniently located adjacent to the main hospital campus and provides professional consultation, diagnostic and treatment services for patients age five years and older, for all types of sleep disorders.” Some get ready to catch some better Zzzs in Jersey City. 

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About the Center

The website continues, “Inside the new Center for Sleep Disorders, patients will enjoy the comfort of our private, hotel-like testing suites and re attended to by top clinical specialists in the state. The Center for Sleep Disorders at Jersey City Medical Center makes the process of improving your sleep health simple and will quickly get you on the pathway to better sleep and better health.”

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What the Center Can Help Treat

As long as you’re older than five, you can be a patient at the Center for Sleep Disorders. Now, you may be wondering: What kinds of sleep disorders can the doctors as the center treat? Well, pretty much anything that has to do with catching Zzzz’s.

“If sleepiness interferes with work or other daytime activities, and if you’re an adult who gets less than seven hours of sleep a night despite going to go to bed on time, it’s a good idea to get a sleep evaluation,” Jyoti Matta, a pulmonologist and the medical director of the Center told Roi-NJ.com.

So, if you get less than seven hours of sleep, you might want to check out the Center’s sleep evaluation and treatment options. Treatment for excessive daytime sleepiness, insomnia, narcolepsy, parasomnia, restless leg syndrome, and sleep apnea are all available at the Center for Sleep Disorders.

If you’re experiencing symptoms like decreased memory and concentration, depression, difficulty falling and staying asleep, excessive daytime sleepiness, involuntary dozing, kicking leg movements during sleep, and/or unusually loud snoring, you might want to consider getting checked out.

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The Center for Sleep Disorders has the ability to conduct several different studies on site. Some of these include a polysomnography or PSG — which monitors a person’s sleep to identify sleep disorders and sleep-related breathing disorders — home polysomnography — in which a PSG is administered at home using a portable testing unit worn overnight — a Positivity Airway Pressure {PAP} Nap — a daytime study for patients who have anxiety about starting PAP therapy, are claustrophobic, or having difficulties with PAP therapy.

The Center for Sleep Disorders is open Monday through Friday from 8:30AM-5:00PM.

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