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10-Year-Old Hoboken Resident Creates Logo Project to Support Local Businesses + Homeless Shelter

by Morgan Gertler
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There’s been no shortage of feel-good stories that have come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Heartwarming news from all over the world is being shared on the news and social media, reminding us that even during times of hardship, there is still a lot of good out there. Even our little square mile town has donated large amounts of food, supplies, and raised money for the residents and businesses that need it most. One such effort comes from one of Hoboken’s younger residents, who has found a way to utilize his artistic skills to raise money for two really amazing charities while also helping promote local businesses. Meet Cameron Daly, a 10-year-old Hobokenite supporting the community through creativity and creating logos for local businesses that need it.

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The Value of a Dollar

Lots of kids like to draw and create their own works of art, but Cameron Daly decided to put his skills to use and start a charity project. For just a $1 donation, Cameron creates custom, hand-drawn personal or business logos. He emails his customers a few questions to learn about their interests, job, and lifestyle, and a few days later they’ll get an email with a custom logo of their initials and all their favorite things subtly added into the letters and surrounding space.

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This custom artwork is clearly worth more than a dollar, but Cameron insists on just $1 per logo, and will not take anything more than that. By doing so, he’s working toward a charitable goal —  to raise $500 dollars to donate to the Hoboken Shelter and End Extinction, two organizations he feels passionately about. Cameron spent some time volunteering at the shelter and knows that all donations are very much needed and appreciated. End Extinction supports endangered species through a symbolic adoption program that Cameron learned about when visiting the San Diego Zoo with his family, and he has become an advocate of animals ever since. 

{Update: Cameron has recently increased his logos to a $4 suggested donation, with a goal is hitting $1000 by the end of the summer so that both charities can receive $500}

Truly Unique Logos + Designs

Cam {as he’s known to his friends and family} has had some logo requests that have really stood out. “I’ve had two really funny logo orders. One was for Lila The Cat who likes ‘eating, sleeping and looking out the window’ and another was for a dad who likes ‘telling bad jokes, eating stinky cheese, and snoring loudly.’ These requests really made me laugh,” Cam told Hoboken Girl.

He’s also had some pretty heartwarming logo requests as well. Phil M. Jones, a local entrepreneur, got word of Cam’s project and decided he wanted to help him reach his goal and also promote local businesses. Phil sent Cam $50 for 50 logos — and asked that Cam create logos for all the local businesses he loves.

“I was most inspired by young Cameron’s efforts. The humbleness and beauty in his kind efforts to add value to the world doing something he loves to do brought joy to my day when my wife shared what he was up to,” Phil told HG. “I had multiple businesses through my early years and feel that someone putting themselves out there from a young age is a rarity and the integrity in his pricing of just $1 per logo had me realize that he was clearly doing this from a great place.”

As a business owner himself, Phil understands how important it is for local businesses to be promoted during such difficult economic times. “This is why I jumped at the chance to help him with his goal of 500 logos by setting him a challenge that would help him, help local businesses and help the local Hoboken community that I have grown to love,” Phil continued. 

Cam has had logo orders pouring in, mostly from word of mouth. You can see all his creations by following him on Instagram @hobokencamdaman and you can even request a logo of your own right from his profile page. 

The Man Behind The Idea

Beyond his amazing efforts in both the Hoboken and creative communities, Cameron is still a pretty typical Hoboken kid. He loves basketball, baseball, and flag football. His birthday is on Christmas Eve, but he’s yet to feel jipped sharing it with such a major holiday. {Ah, to be a kid again!} He spent the rest of his academic year distance-learning with the rest of his class from the Wallace school for the last few months and misses his friends, but said his teacher Ms. Reidy has been making it fun and interactive and he’s grateful to have such a dedicated teacher. 

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His parents, Michele and Ed, have lived in Hoboken for over 20 years and are proud that Cam has found a way to support the community. When asked to create some logos for the Black Lives Matter protests, Cam was able to get a well-rounded history lesson from his dad, who recently wrote and published the book, Heroes and Jerks: The Best and Worst Who Ever Lived. His parents have been very supportive of this passion project, helping manage the Venmo payments and also overseeing all email correspondence. “Cameron is genuinely excited to raise money for charity. When I was his age, I was interested in making money so I could buy Nintendo games,” his dad Ed chuckled. 

Ed and Michele have been floored by the generosity of residents stepping up to support this project, telling us, “Our biggest takeaway from Cameron’s logo project is how truly kind and thoughtful people are in our Hoboken community. Taking the time to place an order, give him words of encouragement, and share with others about him. It’s truly blown us away.” 

Supporting the Logo Project

If you’d like your own custom logo and show Cam some support, shoot Cam an email at hobokencamdaman@gmail.com with some basic information about your hobbies or business to get him started. He will follow up with more questions and instructions to help his creative process move along. It’s not shocking to see such an amazing idea come out of our little Mile Square City, but it’s even more special that it came from the next generation who will be paving the path in the years to come. {Editor’s note: We will be emailing Cam about an HG logo STAT!}


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