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Bloom + Birch: Albie Manzo’s New Flower Delivery Service

by Danielle Lynch
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Albie Manzo, most popularly known for his role in the hit Bravo series The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Manzo’d With Children, is back on the Hoboken radar, though it seems like he never left. From making the Mile Square his home to local business endeavors that have come from the efforts of hard work and determination, Albie is making a name for himself once again in his newest business project. Bloom + Birch, a fresh flower company that creates floral arrangements that maintain their beauty for over a year has taken us by storm. The overwhelming demand for these flowers has helped this growing business become well-known on the West Coast and is now spreading to our area, with the plan to sell in local Hoboken boutiques and large-scale stores and websites. Read on to learn all about Bloom + Birch, delivering fresh flowers to your door in Hoboken.

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How Bloom + Birch Got Started

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Albie developed Bloom + Birch with his partner Suzanne in Monterey, California. Their mission — to create a brand that represents something more than just flowers. “We wanted to create something that you give to someone you love, not just someone you like,” Albie explained. “As corny as it sounds, I thought a lot about my mom in creating this. It’s those types of relationships we wanted to help accentuate.” And if you have seen these gorgeous arrangements, you’ll understand why. 

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The flowers are grown on a farm and rehydrated with a serum that helps preserve their natural appearance, color, and structure {and are non-toxic}. They last for about a year and need little to no care, which is good for those without a green thumb. Each bouquet is handmade and placed in a gorgeous container that complements the flower’s color. With luxury home decór becoming more of an attainable and sustainable task, these blooms are the perfect addition to any room and represent a significant event in one’s life. 

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California + Beyond

The Monterey based company was popping up in Nordstrom and West Elm in California when they realized that the demand was growing. At first, they were only able to sell in stores since the flowers are so delicate. This year, they were able to create a proper box to ship arrangements all over. Bloom + Birch also locked in partnerships with Amazon and more recently, Wayfair. 

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“I am super proud that they have taken us on. They are the go-to for home decór,” Albie told us. Now, they are branching out to New Jersey and Miami, hoping to pop up in local boutiques and stores. So, Hobokenites, be on the lookout. 

What Bloom + Birch Offers 

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Now that flowers can be shipped all over the country, it is easy to send someone a bouquet. The website is easy to navigate, filled with tons of options for every occasion. Everything from single flower “cupcake” arrangements to mixed bouquets to rose domes are available. Every order placed through the website is seen by Albie, as he is so passionate about delivering the best service to customers. “I see the gift messages that we put out. These people really trust us to symbolize their relationship,” he stressed. “I don’t look at it as something to put on a coffee table. I look at it as a birthday, an anniversary, a promotion.” 

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Because each arrangement is handmade, price points are higher than other competitive brands, starting at $45. Albie and his team never sacrifice quality and deliver white-glove service for every order they create. If having fresh flowers in the house is important to you, think of how easy it would be to have a floral display at all times, without the wilting doom at the week’s end. Bloom + Birch flowers will eventually pay for themselves. “We have such great clients, some who will buy ten a month as gifts for people.” 

Bloom + Birch Giving Back

As if you didn’t need another reason to fall in love with this company, they are philanthropic in their efforts and have connections with different charities close to their hearts. The Cupcake for Kindness Flower available for purchase is directly connected to Stanford Children’s Health, with a portion of the sales going directly to the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. What’s more is that Bloom + Birch will not only donate a portion of the sale from each Cupcake for Kindness flower to LPCH but will match that donation, too. 

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The Future 


Bloom + Birch has big plans for the future. Their hope is to continue expanding their pop up presence. Albie also shared that he would like to see more restaurants and venues using their flowers for centerpieces, decorations, and bouquets. “It would solve the problem for party planners, making weddings and special occasions much easier,” Albie explained. He and his team are so excited about the future of the company and can’t wait to see it grow. 

If you’re interested in learning more, reach out on the website’s live chat; you could {and most likely will} end up chatting with Albie, himself.

Have you tried Bloom + Birch’s services yet? Let us know in the comments! 

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