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Stevens Students Team Up to Redesign The Hoboken Girl’s Real Estate Directory

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The Local Girl Media Group, parent brand of The Hoboken Girl, founded by Hoboken resident Jennifer Tripucka, is excited to announce the redesign of its real estate directory after teaming up with students from Stevens School of Business on the project. The goal? To create an enhanced experience for prospective buyers, renters, and owners. The platform is designed to simplify searching and listing properties for rent, sale, or sublet in the area, as well as usability of searching for vacation rentals, homes for sale throughout New York and New Jersey as a whole. The Local Girl team has worked with the business students as part of their Senior Design Project to spearhead the relaunch of its real estate directory. The capstone project assigns students a small business to partner with in a strategic move to enhance user experience and expand its reach.

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Jennifer Tripucka, the visionary founder of The Local Girl Media Group, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Coming from an education background, I always love to work with students, and this senior project was no exception. It’s been so wonderful to get a fresh, student perspective on what will be helpful for users in the future on our real estate directory as they continue to expand their home search.”

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With a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, Stevens School of Business and The Hoboken Girl/The Local Girl teams worked together, creating a synergistic blend of creativity and expertise. Students have shared their feedback, and The Hoboken Girl/The Local Girl teams can connect in real-time regarding updates with the web team on how to make it more user-friendly.

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“There are so many places to search for properties, but not as many to list your own in one central place,” Jen noted. “We aim to change that. We want this to be a resource for our readers, as an easy way to post a rental or sublet listing, or find a space that is looking for a roommate.”



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The directory allows users to create a profile, post their rental/sublet/for sale property, and — the more unique aspect — it will be posted to The Local Girl Media Group’s sister brand platforms, including The Hoboken Girl, The Montclair Girl, The Jersey Shore Girl, and more. The site includes all of New Jersey, as well as some of eastern New York, including the five boroughs. It can then be shared via a published link in any capacity by users.

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In the ever-changing real estate landscape, The Local Girl brand continues to be a resource for New Jersey and New York residents looking to put roots down in the NYC metro area. The directory now has an easy-to-use interface, which allows residents to post their own rentals, sublets, and homes. This is in addition to the traditional realtor-sourced postings and vacation rentals.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned investor, or searching for the perfect rental or sublet, The Local Girl‘s revamped platform offers a seamless and intuitive interface to streamline your search and connect you with your dream property, thanks to the help of local Stevens Tech students.

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As The Local Girl Media Group continues to expand its digital footprint via sister brands and empower communities across New Jersey, the relaunch of the real estate directory marks a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to simplifying your local life.

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For more information, email realestate@thelocalgirl.com. You can create a profile or start your search at https://realestate.thelocalgirl.com/.

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