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New Bistro Opens in Jersey City, from Team Behind 143 Social

by Risha Jagadish
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The food scene in Jersey City is a culinary roadmap that is constantly evolving and thriving. Better Days, a modern American Bistro from the team behind 143 Social, officially opens its doors today, February 26th. The Hoboken Girl chatted with the team for some exclusive scoop on the new bistro and what locals can expect. Read on to learn more about Better Days coming to Jersey City soon.

About 143 Social

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143 Social is a chic speakeasy tucked underground in Bareburger on Newark Avenue in Jersey City. Since opening in May 2023, it has become a destination for locals for its masterfully crafted cocktails, meticulously presented dishes, and Insta-worthy setting.

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What We Know

Better Days is located at 143 Newark Avenue in Jersey City. It replaced the Bareburger spot on the main floor while keeping the speakeasy intact below. Not to worry, Bareburger devotees: the restaurant will continue to keep the menu intact only for take-out and deliveries through the back entrance.

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If 143 Social is the sophisticated older sibling, Better Days is its lively younger sibling. “There will be no construction outside the building, but we are working to revamp the interiors and to give it a Retro American feel, with edgy black and white murals and vinyl displays around the room,” the owner, Arto Ozgun, told HG.



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When asked about the inspiration for its name, General Manager and Beverage Director, Gabriel Rieben said, “We wanted something that’s unique yet easy to remember, and saying you’re going to Better Days just sounds so cool yet sexy.”

The menu features modern American dishes and operate during weekdays for lunch and dinner, and on weekends, a special brunch will be served along with DJ nights. The menus are curated by Arto Ozgun and Jon Lemon (who is also the head chef at 143 Social) and are focused on classic comfort dishes with flavorful twists. Some of the items will be made using homemade ingredients such as fresh ricotta cheese, homemade biscuits, and fresh juices for cocktails. As for the beverages, there are simple cocktails, classic French wines, and beer options.

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^ The inside of 143 Social

Better Days is also taking its commitment to the weekend brunch tradition seriously. The team shared that the idea is to keep the menu delicious yet healthy with choices like organic natural smoothies, turmeric organic yogurt with housemade granola, and fresh fruits. “The brunch cocktails are an improvised exclusive version of the classics such as bellinis and cosmos, with a Better Day twist. We will have more artful creations with pancake-flavored drinks, coffee, and cream rum with cold brew and almond cream to name a few” Gabriel said.

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