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A Guide to Speakeasies in North Jersey

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Spending a night out has returned, and many of us are flocking to unique experiences and venues to celebrate a return to reality. Speakeasies, the secret, underground bars that existed during the Prohibition Era, have modern cousins in these current iterations. Today’s speakeasies are modeled after the historic pieces of America’s history and provide an intimate, experience-driven option for a night spent with friends or significant others. Modern twists on this historical watering hole have popped up around North Jersey, offering different specialties, vibes and experiences fit for a night to remember. Read on for a list of speakeasies in North Jersey. 

Nucky Thompson’s | 8 Erie Street, Jersey City 

Nucky Thompson’s Moonshine

(Photo credit: @nuckys_jc)

Located within Hudson Hound, North Jersey’s newest speakeasy pays homage to the 1920s. The moonshine speakeasy has details reminiscent of America’s original speakeasies and is named after a successful bootlegger in Atlantic City. There are eight cocktails on rotation, but the decor, and the historical accuracy of it, are the bar’s biggest selling feature. 

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The Junto: Attic Bar | 68 Mercer Street, Jersey City 

This speakeasy is only open on Fridays and Saturdays from 6PM to whenever the team decides to close. The small, intimate space serves up out-of-this-era cocktails that are sure to impress, and a stained glass window glows from behind the bar. The creative menu combined with the intimate, rich ambiance makes for a hidden gem in the Grove Street neighborhood of Jersey City. 

The Laundromat | 4 Dehart Street, Morristown 

The Laundromat

(Photo credit: @laundromatbar)

Disguised by a laundromat-style entrance (which explains the name), this speakeasy is Morristown’s only 23-and-over bar. It’s open Wednesday through Saturday from 5PM to 2AM, and offers up live music and other events as well as private parties and homemade, seasonal cocktails. 

The Rabbit Hole | 285 Glenwood Avenue, Bloomfield 

Rab-Bit Hole

Inside Blue Steel Pizza Co., an Alice in Wonderland-themed adventure awaits. Designed, says owner Lou Narvaez, to help patrons “neglect the reality of life,” the space is designed with bright colors and filled with the sounds of house music. Open Thursdays through Saturdays from 8PM to 1AM, this speakeasy offers up both unique drinks and delicious light bites. 

The Sinatra Room | 36 – 42 Newark Street, Hoboken

The Sinatra Room

(Photo credit: @thesinatraroom)

Coupling the histories of the Hoboken Clam House with the storied, effervescent presence of Frank Sinatra, The Sinatra Room was born to pay homage to the history of the Mile Square. Frank Sinatra once graced the Hoboken Clam House with his presence, but he was far from the only celebrity. So, paying homage to the finer things that celebrities love, this speakeasy was born in the basement of Monroe’s. With an elevated menu and drink menu, dress as a celebrity would: obviously, to impress.

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Thirty3 | 10 Whitehall Road, Towaco 


(Photo credit: @railssteakhouse)

Just like Nucky Thompson’s, this speakeasy reminds patrons of the original Prohibition Era bars. Nestled within Rails Steakhouse, explorers are invited to check out the hidden passageways, try a house-spiked single barrel bourbon, opt for a single malt Scotch from the expansive selection, or sip on the house special – Smoked Old Fashioned. There’s live music on Fridays and Saturdays, but the bar is also open on Thursday nights. 


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