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Best Salad Spots in Jersey City, According to Locals

by Alexis Spoden
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For those craving some healthy lunch options after excessive snacking during quarantine, salads are always a great option. Salads make a great meal for so many reasons. They are healthy, as long as the dressing is used in moderation, and they can be built to satisfy any craving! Whether Jersey City locals are classic caesar lovers or prefer to build their own, there is something for everyone in JC. Read on to find out where to get the best leafy greens in Jersey City, according to locals.

The Little Sandwich Shop | 333 Grove Street

The Little Sandwich Shop in Jersey City offers health-minded specialties with traditional deli favorites. The extensive salad menu offers 14 different hearty options, so locals are sure to find leafy greens to satisfy any craving.

What locals say: “Every salad is amazing!” – Rachel S

Tony Boloney’s | 363 Grove Street

Tony’s may be most known for the specialty pizzas, but the salads here are not to be overlooked. The restaurant’s salads are also made with locals in mind, such as the Boken Girl salad made with arugula spring mix, Sicilian soppressata, smoked mutz, grape tomato, chicken cutlet, and lemon and vinaigrette dressing. All the fresh and local produce is delivered daily, too.What locals say: “Would recommend to anyone who loves a classic pizza, subs, and salads with a twist.” – Trinity M

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Andreas Salumeria | 247 Central Avenue

This family-run business based in the Heights has been serving locals since 1975. Andreas prides itself on offering the best in Italian Specialty Groceries and the finest and freshest sandwiches, salads, and soups. Its fresh mozzarella has been voted the best in the state by New Jersey Monthly magazine.

Vepo Clean
Harborside Sport + Spine

What locals say: “Will be the best you’ve ever had!” – Danielle D

Short Grain | 183 Montgomery Street

Short Grain is a hip, neighborhood café, and eatery located in the historic Van Vorst Park district of Downtown Jersey City. Short grain is committed to serving the highest-quality food and beverage by sourcing the freshest and finest ingredients possible. Short Grain’s salads are both healthy and packed with flavor, and come with vegan and gluten-free options. Try the Vietnamese poached chicken salad, filled with poached chicken, cabbage, carrots, cilantro, herbs, peanuts, and crispy shallots.

Zap Fitness

What locals say: “Fresh, tasty, and delicious!” – Genese B

B. Good | 525 Washington Boulevard

B. Good in Newport only uses clean, quality ingredients to serve food that’s good for its customers and good for the planet. Although this healthy spot is most known for its burgers, the salads are just as delicious if not better, according to local reviews. B. Good offers hearty salads that are packed with nutrition and flavor.

What locals say: “The seasonal watermelon-feta salad was very tasty and healthy.” – Siddharth S

Bwè kafe | 140 River Drive South

This local favorite has three locations including one in Newport in Jersey City {and a Hoboken location!}. The cafe offers a handful of delicious salads and seasonal options, made with fresh, local ingredients. This cozy, family-run coffee shop also donates a portion of its proceeds to Haiti relief efforts.

What locals say: “The food is fresh and the coffee is so delicious. The couscous and feta salad had such a generous amount of delicious feta and the vegan avocado salad had to have a least half an avocado in there, maybe more! Nobody gives that much delicious quality food these days!” – Major W

Cafe Peanut | 586 Newark Avenue

Cafe Peanut is a funky little spot located in the heart of Journal Square. All salads at Cafe Peanut are made fresh to order with the finest, locally-harvested ingredients. It offers three salads including the Chicken Avocado Delight, Greek, and grilled chicken Caesar. The cafe also offers weekly meal options with new and exciting meals every week consisting of salads, soups, sandwiches, gourmet pasta, and roasted veggies with meat.

What locals say: “Great for breakfast and lunch and have a wide variety of healthy food options.” – Ross

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Maggie’s Farm Espresso | 88 Morgan Street

Owner, Sam de Burgh, named the cafe after his mother, Maggie, and created Maggie’s Farm to bring his favorite atmosphere in Australia to Jersey City. The cafe is a place where locals can grab coffee or tea to pair with delicious, healthy, seasonal breakfast and lunch. Each of the salads here is packed with hearty, nutritious ingredients.

What locals say: “Maggie’s farm is a staple. Good coffee, good vibes, good tunes, good people. Their food is pretty darn good too.” – Aditi K

CAVA | 30 Montgomery Street

cava salad jersey city

Although CAVA is a larger chain, it’s worth mentioning for its delicious build-your-own bowls. CAVAoffers Mediterranean-style salads and bowls and believes customers shouldn’t have to choose healthy over satisfying when it comes to a meal.

What locals say: “Fresh ingredients, great selection of toppings, dips and dressings, generous portion sizes.” – Raka K

Subia’s Vegan Cafe | 506 Jersey Avenue

Subia’s offers a wide variety of organic salads, each made with Subia’s own homemade vinaigrette. All items on the menu are 100% vegan and made with love.

What locals say: “Everything here is fresh and organic. Great salads & tacos and first-rate vegan cheese.” – Julie S

Sweetgreen | 90 Hudson Street

Locals are thrilled for the much-anticipated arrival of this salad franchise in Jersey City. This popular salad joint’s official open date was August 12th in Jersey City’s Paulus Hook neighborhood. Although a chain, the restaurant’s ingredients are sourced from local growers and partners.

What locals say: “I used to get Sweetgreen at work all the time in the city, and I’m so excited for a local spot to be open! The Guacamole Greens Salad is my absolute favorite” – Lexi S

Gypsy Grill | 187 Newark Avenue

Gypsy Grill, located downtown, offers authentic Middle Eastern cuisine using fresh, natural ingredients. Owner, Moudy Razek infuses his culinary creations with a unique European/Mediterranean flair. The salads from this locale are great for lunch or dinner.

What locals say: “One of our favorite restaurants. Salads are very good.” – AngelAnkit J

Just Salad | 525 Washington Boulevard

Just Salad is another chain, but definitely worth mentioning. This popular salad spot is located in Newport and is perfect for a quick, healthy lunch if locals work in the area. All of the salads are completely customizable so customers can get exactly what they want.

What locals say: “Just Salad in Jersey City is amazing! I make my own salad and I get two free toppings since I use Just Salad’s reusable bowl” – Laura Paige

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The Cliff | 38 Congress Street

The Cliff, located in The Heights, just steps from the 9th Street elevator, offers food that promotes healthy living, with respect for others and the environment. The Cliff’s cuisine is eclectic-American with Icelandic and European influences. The cafe is predominantly vegetarian and vegan but, also offers fresh, eco-sustainable fish, sourced directly from Iceland. The salads are delicious and pair perfectly with some refreshing watermelon mint juice.

What locals say: “Everything is delicious here. Watermelon mint juice was fresh. Had the huevos rancheros, mexi bowl, pressed sandwich, truffle fries, and the pear and goat cheese salad.” – Himal

Laico’s | 67 Terhune Avenue

laicos salad jersey city

Laico’s has been providing locals with a classic Italian experience since 1972 even as its menu has evolved with the times. Laico’s table salads are delightful and made with homemade dressing and make a perfect pairing to any one of its pizza or pasta entrees.

“The table salads are the best ever!” – Jen T


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