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Hoboken Guys Weigh In: The Best Spot to Get a Men’s Haircut {in Hoboken}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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While we pride ourselves on being the experts on all things girly and Hoboken, sometimes we know when we need a little assistance. It’s a crazy fact you should know, but about 45% of our readers are actually male {yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief if you thought you were the only one there, bro}. That being said, we don’t want to leave you guys out on the reg, so we’re creating a series called “Hoboken Guys Weigh In” — which rounds up the best info for the men in town by the men in town — with our first question being about the best spot to get a men’s haircut in Hoboken. In this series as a whole, we’ll be answering questions about all things brotastic with a little help from the men in and around Hoboken. While we may not always agree with *everything* written or submitted by everyone, we will do our best to share as many answers as we think are helpful and knowledgeable. So man up, ladies and gents — because here we go!

Our first question for the {male} masses: 

What is the best spot to get a men’s haircut in Hoboken?


“I go to the MarkDaniel barber shop. Excellent haircuts and old school barber shop look and feel. They offer coffee and espresso if you have to wait at all, but make an appointment ahead of time and they take you on time! It’s cash only though and a bit of a premium ($30 cut)” — Matt H., 30

Hoboken Hair Uptown. It has a really short wait time, experienced barbers, and reasonable prices.” — Will F., 26

Gino’s on first. I get my hair cut and sometimes a shave when I come back to town (that’s how great it is!). It’s an old Italian barber shop, but to this day best hair cuts I’ve ever gotten. AND it’s cheap.” — Matt I., 31
Roosters. Comes with a hot towel and a hair wash. Incredibly relaxing and enriches the experience.” — Chris B., 26

“Hoboken Hair for Men. Started going there when I moved here and won’t go anywhere else now. Amazing haircuts, friendly staff (Yen is a perfectionist), straight razor neck shaves and men only!” — Jake T., 23

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Trim Hoboken on 1st. Owned by two brothers, Dairen and Leo, who grew up in Hoboken. They brought a family owned business back to their neighborhood. Good vibe with all their barbers and Hoboken history written all over their walls.” — Yinka, 31 {@whatsayinka on IG}

” When I get haircuts in Hoboken, I go to The Hoboken Man. It’s more than just a haircut, it’s a service and you feel like a real customer.” — Will L., 24

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Mr L’s on Park Ave rocks. It’s an old school spot with wine, booze, and cookies/sweets while you wait — or for after, and it’s only $15, super cheap. Some of my buddies also go to V’s on Wash.” — Adam S., 27

“My man Steven at Hoboken Hair really knows what he’s doing. I discovered Steven a few years ago while it was easy to walk in to get an appointment with him. Word of his superior cutting skills have since spread through the city, so much so that in order to get an appointment you now need to schedule one online, at least a week in advance (the HH website has this exclusively for him since he is apparently in such high demand). He’s helped me update my cut to something more acceptable from the atrocities performed on me at some other shops in Hoboken that will remain unnamed…” — Shawn S., 32


So there you have it. From the mouths of real Hoboken men — so that you don’t have to take our girly word for it.

Our next question that we need you to weigh in on:

“What’s the best Hoboken spot to meet girls/a potential date?” 

Comment below with your answer to this question [or email your answer to [email protected] with your age + first name/last initial], and you may be featured in our next “Hoboken Guys Weigh In” roundup.

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