Beaucycled’s DIY Succulent Workshop {Recap}

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Succulents: Not only do they offer an instant upgrade to your home décor game, but they are relatively low-maintenance in comparison to the rest of the house plants we somehow manage to kill. Lucky for us, the super welcoming ladies of Beaucycled recently paid a visit to the Mile Square for one of their uber-popular workshops on DIY succulent arrangements. Say whaaat?! Yes, the newest craze in post-work meet-ups involves a few cocktails {obviously} and arranging your own succulent creation in recycled glassware. That said, we scored an invite to their second workshop in Hoboken at Pilsener Haus Biergarten. Here’s the recap:

So, what exactly went down? After grabbing a few drinks and the usual Biergarten nosh {is it possible to go there and not get a pretzel?}, the Beaucycled staff thoughtfully led us through the process of selecting glassware, choosing plants {everyone got two}, and arranging it all in a way that almost guarantees a long shelf-life — if you can handle remembering to water it just once a week. Along the way, we got tons of helpful, easy to understand tips and pointers for how to arrange the plants, soil, and rocks, as well as how to best care for the arrangements depending on the amount of sunlight they would be getting on a weekly basis.

^All the succulent fixin’s a gal could want!

We were also hugely stoked to see an absolutely gorgeous display of handmade jewelry for sale once our arrangements were done, with a variety of modern and vintage pieces {think semi-precious stones, crystal and charms} including chokers, necklaces, bracelets and rings, with price points starting at only $14. Overall, it was a super fun evening and a great way to mix up our usual after work cocktail routine — not to mention we now have some seriously Insta-worthy arrangements for our floating shelves and windowsills {win!}.

^The finished product, thanks to the help of the lovely girl bosses of Beaucycled {pictured below} 

Missed the first two rounds of this DIY-inspired happy hour? No worries — we caught up with the Beaucycled ladies post-workshop and found out that they will indeed be back in town at Pilsener on Thursday, August 24th {buy your tickets here!}. Oh, and did we mention they will be making an appearance {with a few other fabulous vendors} at HG’s Bringing the Beach to ‘Boken Happy Hour at Birch {92 River Street}? Along with board-walk style bites, spray tans, and beachy braids, Beaucycled will be on hand for some DIY succulent activities incorporating the use of sand art — yes, sand art is back {just like chokers and platforms} and it’s actually super cute/cathartic. Make sure to get your tix to HG’s official summer send-off before they sell out!


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