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4 Beautiful Bayonne Walkways Along the Water

by Lauren
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Spring is unpredictable. One day it’s warm, the next it’s windy, and then suddenly it downpours just to turn beautiful once again. While spring weather — though very welcomed — doesn’t consistently offer opportunities to get outdoors, there are plenty more beautiful days when the sun is shining and the air is warm. On these days, a nice view of the Hudson {or yes, even the Newark Bay} and a light jacket are all you need to recharge from those cold winter months. We’ve rounded up a few great parks and beautiful Bayonne walkways along the water when you’re looking for somewhere outside of the usual places to take a stroll.

Stephen R. Gregg Park  


This park spans nearly 100 acres in the uptown section of Bayonne and runs along the Newark Bay. Featuring multiple different pathways including a bikeway that lines the far end of the park {this adjoining park is also called the Richard Rutkowski Park, which contains a wildlife preserve} and a few hidden beach walkways to explore and listen to the incoming waves. If you want to work in some cardio, check out the giant set of stairs situated in the middle of the park, located near the fountain in between the double lane entrance off Kennedy Boulevard, or check out the running track near the 37th Street entrance. And, like a lot of the parks in Bayonne, this scenic spot is a great place to snap a few Insta-worthy photos.

Hudson Riverfront Walkway  


The Station Hoboken
Club Pilates 2023

Part of a currently incomplete plan to connect Bayonne’s walkway along the Jersey City, Hoboken and Edgewater waterfronts, this section is located in Bayonne next to the South Cove Commons area. Lining the Kill Van Kull on the left and the beautiful Bayonne Golf Club on the right, this walkway spans a little over a mile and contains plenty of benches for some zen reflection as well as lots of quiet and yes, even some cranes walking around the waterfront.

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Golden Door Dispensary

Dennis P. Collins Park  


Better known to residents as First Street Park, this walkway is located at the very tip of Bayonne with a decent view of Staten Island across the way {no really} and a pretty stellar view of the current work in progress that is the Bayonne Bridge. Low fences along the water offer lots of rocky beach access for when you want to stand along the waterline and take a few deep breaths, as well as bocce ball courts and basketball courts for some alternate activity options.

16th Street Park  


Also called City Park, this is a hidden gem situated behind the 16th street playground and located near the town pool. The park offers a great walk around the perimeter of the enormous baseball field along the Newark Bay as well as a view of several other surrounding waterfronts in town. The floating dock next to the boat jetty opens up in the summer months and visitors can watch the local boats roll in, making this park a really beautiful locale to catch the sunset.

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So there you have it. A little adventure day to enjoy your Earth Day .Share your favorite Bayonne waterfront pics with us on Insta @HobokeGirlBlog or #HobokenGirl!

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