• Bang Cookies is Opening Another Storefront in Jersey City

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    Most cookie lovers weren’t born with the name ‘Cookie Monster,’ but if you’re a Hudson County resident then most likely you’ve become one since discovering Bang Cookies. #Facts. And just in time for bikini season, downtown Jersey City is about to get a MAJOR dessert upgrade: Local favorite and all-organic cookie company Bang Cookies is opening a SECOND location in Jersey City — this one downtown at 128 Newark Avenue. The Historic Downtown Special Improvement District of Jersey City gave us this golden nugget {or should we say crunchy organic toffee piece} of insider intel, and apparently, it’s happening sooner than later. Here’s the scoop so far on Bang Cookies opening in downtown Jersey City:


    Formerly the Doyla space, the little shop will most likely open as Bang Cookies in spring 2019 — as the owners have just solidified and signed the lease for the second cookie shop. The OG brick-and-mortar of Bang Cookies is currently in Jersey City Heights, which opened last year after several successful seasons of farmer’s markets. The all-organic cookie company prides itself on all-natural ingredients, an insanely delicious taste, and the most moist — yes, it’s the only word that effectively conveys it, sorry not sorry — and cake-like cookies. Really, there is nothing that tastes just like it.

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    ^Casual S’mores cookie 

    Currently, the Bang Cookies shop is located at 1183 Summit Avenue, and that bakery and shop will stay open — with the addition of the new Newark Avenue shop on the pedestrian plaza downtown.

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    George Kuan started Bang Cookies in 2016 after realizing that there were no cookie shops that really perfected the organic, all-natural ingredients in a chunky, over-sized cookie. Before he went to the public and started promoting his cookies at farmer’s markets and the like, he literally spent years perfecting the perfect cookie recipe that was equal parts organic and decadent. They will legit melt in your mouth, promise.


    Since then, Bang Cookies has grown an intense local {and national following — they’re shippable!} and was most recently touted for its stuffed cookies by the New York Times, saying, “The company’s new line of big, overloaded, chunky cookies has fillings. And they are delicious.” Fair enough {though we probably would have expanded more, as they are #lifechanging}.


    ^All organic ingredients FTW.

    On the cookie menu are a variety of exquisite flavors, but Smore’s, Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk, and Kitchen Sink {crisp organic toffee, crunchy organic pretzels, rich organic chocolate} are top contenders. That being said, don’t take our word for it. You must try them for yourself.


    Even if the mention of Bang Cookies doesn’t ring a bell to you thus far or downtown Newark Ave in JC feels too far away {but #judgingyou if that is the case}, just know that this is very good news. There can never be too many cookie shops —especially the caliber of Bang — to bless Hudson County. And in case you’re not able to get over to Newark Avenue {when it opens} or the Jersey City Heights location often {although we definitely recommend that you do}, Bang Cookies is available online for delivery as well. Click here for more info {and actually, use the code HOBOKENGIRL for 20% off your first online order {check out our deals directory for more noteworthy deals here!}. They deliver free to Hoboken and Jersey City and till 11/12PM most nights. Word on the street is that Bang is also debuting some cookie sandwiches soon.

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    We could not be more excited to welcome Bang Cookies to downtown JC, even though secretly wishing they had a sample size, because it’s going to be touch-and-go with such close proximity to the PATH/Grove Street. We’ll keep you updated as we know more, but for now, Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk till death do us part and we’ll keep praying to the cookie gods for a Hoboken location. Thanks HDSID for the insider info!

    Are you/your waistline excited for Bang Cookies?  Tell us your favorite flavor in the comments!

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