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Bagels on Park Opening Soon in Weehawken

by Steph
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Weehawken, get ready — you are getting a new bagel and coffee spot. Bagels on Park is the latest bagel venture coming to town and we’ve got everything you need to know about Bagels on Park.

Bagels on Park has already settled into 3508 Park Avenue in Weehawken, not far from the Lincoln Tunnel in what has affectionately become known as NoHu {aka North Hudson County}. Right at the edge of Union City, the Bagels on Park website says patrons can expect fresh bagels made on-site using their own recipes as well as fresh juices, paninis, coffee, indoor and outdoor seating, delivery, and… drum roll, please … gluten-free bagels. The bagel shop comes from a local Weehawken native, born and raised in town, so we can only assume the people behind the counter making your bagels know good bagels.

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As of right now, not much is known as far as the details of the Bagels on Park menu. But thanks to an early listing on Uber Eats,we can confirm that bagel flavors will range from plain, sesame, and everything to cinnamon raisin and poppy. And as already mentioned, there will for sure be some gluten-free options!

Signage has already gone up at Bagels on Park and if you’ve seen the place in town, then you may recognize the Bagels on Park color scheme. Adorned in the traditional red, white, and black hues associated with Weehawken, the sign outside has a bagel for an “o” in “Bagels on Park.”

Now that signage is officially up, Weehawken locals may be wondering when Bagels on Park will open its doors. While we can expect it to open pretty soon, there seems to be no official timeline as of yet. But at the rate things are moving, it’s safe to say Weehawken will have fresh and hot bagels by 2020.

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Bagels on Park is a part of a slew of recent and upcoming openings in Weehawken that have people excited for the town’s growth. Brick + Dough — a new pizzeria concept — opened not too far away at 218 48th Street in Union City back in October, Lidl Grocery is replacing the former ACME in Tower Plaza, and in perhaps what was the biggest news of all, a Weehawken Whole Foods Market finally came to fruition as of July 2019.

Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner said to Jersey Digs, “That whole area’s starting to open up. There’s a wine and art place on Weehawken side, there’s a Mexican restaurant, another bagel place on 45th Street in Union City, a crepe store.” Turner added, “Everybody traditionally looks east, but now people are starting to come to Park Avenue.”

Bagels on Park joins a few other bagel shops in Weehawken, though many residents have expressed in the past that Weehawken could do with more. These bagel spots include Boogie Woogie Bagel Boys on Harbor Boulevard, Wonderful Bagel also on Park Avenue, and Steven’s Cafe at Port Imperial. Coffee and bagels? You can’t have enough of either!

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