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Where to Get Aura Photography in New Jersey + NYC

by Briana Carril
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Crystals, tarot readings, reiki, spiritual healing, and aura photography cover only a small portion of what auras and spiritual energy services exist. Aura photography can be more than just a photo or a booklet with meanings and colors. It can have a purpose and intention to benefit you and those around you. Not many places can do aura photography so we’ve rounded up a few in the New Jersey and New York area. Read on to find where to get aura photography done in New Jersey or NYC.

A Year + a Day Mystical Shoppe | 413 Bond Street, Asbury Park


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A Year and a Day Mystical Shoppe is a family-owned business carrying crystals, herbs, tarot cards, aroma therapy, books on tarot, and incense sticks. Each day, there are different events, services, and workshops to enjoy, creating a tight-knit community within the shop. Some are group healings, reiki workshops, and mediations; private sessions are also available. Aura photography is also included, as it can photograph people and pets. After the photo is taken, a detailed report is printed and explained to see where improvements can be made and what each color means. Appointments can be made through the store’s website.

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Earth Spirit | 18 Broad Street, Red Bank


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Earth Spirit is a quaint shop that has been selling crystals, jewelry, singing bowls, clothing, and books since 1991. Tarot classes, readings, and aura photography occur daily, and popup events occur a few times monthly. Aura Photography has two packages to choose from, one with interpretation and one without. Walk-ins are accepted, but spots fill up fast, so making a reservation is recommended. To make a reservation, call the number on the website.

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Family of Light | Fulton Street Suite 8500, New York City

Family of Light uses techniques that better the mind, body, and spirit. Its calming atmosphere beautifully balances the wellness workshops, retreats, meditations, and yoga classes, creating a space for learning and healing. Aside from the health and wellness classes, aura photography is also included in its services. Aura photography can be done at big events or personal sessions by calling or emailing through the website.

Freedom Rocks | 550 Cookman Avenue #106, Asbury Park


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Freedom Rocks’ mission is to spread love, positivity, and healing for all who want it. Reiki, readings, workshops, events, aura photography, jewelry, essential oils, and candles are just a few of the amenities. The aura photography session can have interpretation or without; it can also be done with couples shots, with one taken together and then two taken by individuals. The couple’s shots come with the interpretation of both the single and the coupled photo. Aura photography can be booked through the website.

Genesis Spiritual Healing | 14 Church Street, Mount Holly

Genesis Spiritual Healing specializes in health and wellness spiritual journies through reiki, crystals, aura photography, and chakra realignment. Aura photography is more than just colors on paper and in the photo. It can go deeper into finding out the wellness of the energy and what to do to enhance and preserve that healthy energy. Appointments can be made through the website or by calling the number on the website for more information.



Inner Light Aura | Philadelphia + New York City


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Inner Light Aura is primarily based in Philadelphia but does frequent tours to NYC. Its pop-ups throughout Philadelphia and NYC make it an unforgettable experience. Aura photos consist of a photo and a reading or without one. Dates and places are set throughout Philadelphia and NYC to accommodate different areas. Bookings can be made through its website and Instagram, as the pop-ups are displayed there.

Livingston Psychic | 28 South Livingston Avenue, Livingston

Livingston Psychic provides a safe space filled with empowerment, guidance, and clarity through its readings. Crystal, palm, tea, and tarot readings are just several of the readings provided. The aura photography package goes deeper than just taking the photo and explaining the colors. Aura photography can be used to determine life paths and where the energy in the auras lies. This can then help with growth, diving deeper into personality and life in general. Appointments can be made by calling the number on the website

Magic Jewelry NYC | 238 Canal Street #108 + 15 Elizabeth Street Suite 116, New York City


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Magic Jewelry NYC prides itself in seeking the positivity and wisdom in life to help focus it on others through crystals and jewelry. The five elements theory is a prominent outlook on life in Asian culture. Knowing the balance, the element, and how it works is crucial to changing lifestyle, exploring personality, or finding the right crystal jewelry piece. This can be found on its website by typing in a birth date and it will help determine which element that is. Aura photography is also provided in its three locations — one session with a photo and the other with a photo and explanation. For the two Chinatown locations, walk-ins are available and need no appointment. The third location is in Flushing.

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Mineral Shop | 923 Main Street, Belmar


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Mineral Shop is a cozy minimalist crystal shop with jewelry, clothes, plants, and vintage finds scattered about. Aura Photography is available only for walk-ins Wednesday through Saturday from 12PM to 5PM and Sundays from 12PM to 4PM. Three packages include one photo with a reading, one photo without a reading, and a couples’ photo with or without a reading. Each reading designates what each color means, its placement within the photo as it draws specific significance, and a detailed booklet explaining the colors.

Radiant Human | Mobile (New York City)

Radiant Human is a one-of-a-kind experience. It’s a mobile photography lab ready to visit a city or state near you. This experience brings aura photography to a new level as it takes no more than a few minutes to develop the photo and just ten minutes of interpretation, a fast and easy way to get aura done. Ticket reservations are made strictly online with available time slots for that day. If NYC isn’t home, other touring dates and cities are posted exclusively through Instagram

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