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4 Must-Read Books for Your Next Book Binge

by Alexandra Maravic
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Even though life looks quite different these days, we can still try to hold onto a shred of normalcy. It is easy to feel trapped in your home with the strict social distancing regulations in place but taking care of both our minds and bodies has never been so important. That’s why reading is a great activity to get into during this odd time to keep your mind and body distracted and entertained. Thanks to @hobokenbooksta, we can hopefully get through this quarantine one book at a time — here are four must-read books for your next book binge.

When We Were Vikings by Andrew David MacDonald

when we were vikings book

Genre: Coming of Age/Literary Fiction 

Meet Zelda, a 21-year old Viking expert. She is quite unlike anyone you have ever known. She lives with her older brother, Gert, who she loves more than anyone else in the world. For people like Zelda, rules are a very important part of daily life. When Gert starts to break those rules by getting involved in some shady {and most likely illegal} business to make extra money, Zelda knows she must save him. In true Viking fashion, she will do anything to protect her tribe and prevent Gert from throwing his life away. After all, he is the only family she has left. 

This eye-opening tale of a resilient young woman fighting for her family and for her independence is nothing short of remarkable. Easily one of the best reads of 2020 so far!

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You Are Not Alone by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

you are not alone book

Genre: Psychological Thriller

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Shay Miller is most definitely not living her best life. Her current job as a temp is boring. She may or may not be in love with her roommate, who is annoyingly head over heels for his girlfriend. She doesn’t socialize with anyone outside of work, especially now that her roommate seems to be physically inseparable from the said girlfriend

However, her lackluster life takes a dramatic turn when she witnesses the shocking suicide of a stranger. Shay immediately becomes obsessed with finding out more about this mysterious woman and what happened to her. During her investigation, she crosses paths with the fabulous yet elusive Moore sisters. Once she gets a taste of their glamorous lifestyle, she just can’t get enough. But is their generosity too good to be true? And why are they so interested in her? Order the latest thriller from the fierce crime-writing duo, Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen, from your local bookstore today to find out.

My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell

my dark vanessa book

Genre: Psychological Fiction

In 2000, 15-year old Vanessa Wye earned a coveted spot at a prestigious boarding school. It was safe to say that engaging in an affair with her 42-year-old teacher was the last thing on her list of expectations at her new school. But Mr. Strane was different. He listened to her, he understood her, he worshipped her; but most importantly, he loved her. 

Now, 17 years later, Vanessa is confronted by a former student of Strane, who is publicly accusing him of sexual abuse. The thought that maybe Jacob Strane wasn’t the man she thought he was all these years shakes Vanessa to her core. She has a choice: either maintain her position that nothing non-consensual happened between them all those years ago or come forward and reevaluate everything she so neatly tucked away in a dark recess of her mind. 

Prepare for a wild, emotional rollercoaster from the moment you open this haunting book. The discomfort and righteous anger that comes from reading about the injustice of Vanessa’s experience and mental turmoil as she struggles to make sense of her past, present, and future will inevitably impact the reader. 

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The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver

the two lives of lydia bird book

Genre: Romance

Lydia Bird is engaged to the love of her life, Freddie, and could not be happier. But all the hopes and dreams for their beautiful future together are shattered when Freddie dies in a horrific car accident on Lydia’s 28thbirthday. It is impossible to imagine a life without Freddie since he had been such an integral part of hers for so long. 

When Lydia’s doctor suggests experimental sleeping pills, she reluctantly takes him up on the offer. Little does she know they will open a door into a life where Freddie still very much exists. With the aid of the sleeping pills, she is able to live a parallel life where she can touch him, smell him, and kiss him again. Only when she wakes does she feel the soul-crushing pain of his loss. She knows with every fiber of her being that he would want her to find happiness and move on, but the ability to pretend as if nothing happened is still too appealing. It is not until Lydia realizes that her nighttime dalliances are preventing her from living a real, purposeful life and being there for her family {who selflessly catered to her every need for months}. 

It is easy to be swept away by Josie Silver’s fresh narrative and charming wit once again. The Two Lives of Lydia Bird is the perfect novel to lose yourself in during this quarantine season. 

Which of these books will you be reading ASAP? Let us know in the comments!


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