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Ani Ramen is Opening Temporary Non-Profit Pop-Up Shops in Jersey City

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While many small businesses have been temporarily shutting down due to the impacts of coronavirus sheltering in place, Ani Ramen is opening more in the hopes of helping people in need. The Montclair Hospitality Group, owners of the Ani Ramen House, have launched two new short-term non-profit pop-up take-out and delivery shops: Rock City Pizza Co. and Bang Bang Chicken.

Ani Ramen owner Luck Sarabhayavanija said in a statement, “We were heartbroken to have to temporarily close our ramen restaurants and lay off our team due to COVID-19, but we felt our signature ramen just wasn’t ideal for take-out. I was inspired by and am partnering with my childhood friend Mark Bustos who founded the #BeAwesomeToSomebody movement. Like Mark, we love to serve,” Sarabhayavanija added. Here’s how it works: 

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How the Pop-Ups Work

In partnership with the internationally renowned #BeAwesomeToSomebody campaign, patrons are asked to give a $6 to $8 donation in addition to ordering food to feed someone in need. Here’s how it works:

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Take-out and delivery is available at both Rock City Pizza Co. and Bang Bang Chicken — opening Friday at their Jersey City location — at lower price points. Additionally, patrons are asked to donate a meal to someone who needs it. Rock City Pizza Co. offers Detroit-style pizzas ranging from $11 to $13. For an additional $6 donation, patrons can send a free pie to someone in need. At Bang Bang Chicken, a rotisserie chicken goes for anywhere from $15 to $19 and an additional $8 donation will buy someone in need a free chicken meal.

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“I want our loyal customers to know that Ani Ramen will be returning as soon as dine-in restrictions are lifted and it is safe to resume business as usual,” Sarabhayavanija added.

Be Awesome Feeds is opening in the Ani Ramen Jersey City location first. The pop-ups are expected to open at Ani Ramen’s Montclair location in May and then at the Maplewood and Summit locations in June.

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{Photo credit: @beawesomefeeds}

In a recent Instagram post, Be Awesome Feed Somebody wrote, “Tomorrow at our Jersey City location @beawesomefeeds begins. We are so incredibly excited about our conceptualized temporary, nonprofit pop-ups that will not only provide guests with delicious pizza and Thai rotisserie chicken, but also a way to give back: thus Rock City Pizza Co. and Bang Bang Chicken were born.”

The caption continues, “These temporary concepts will offer guests take-out/delivery at a lower than normal price point, along with the opportunity to do something for those in need. When you purchase your own meal, you will be encouraged to add a little extra to your tab to cover a donated meal.”

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A History of Doing Good

This is hardly the first time Ani Ramen has done something to give back to the community during the coronavirus outbreak and sheltering in place orders. In an effort to ensure no child goes hungry, Ani Ramen gave 15,000 bowls of ramen to families in need back in March.

“Our hearts were full,” Sarabhayavanija said of the giveaway. “We knew we couldn’t just sit back. We want to keep that going — we’re in the hospitality business to serve.”

Both of these non-profits are unique in that they are temporary. Ani Ramen is also re-hiring displaced staff to help run its pop-up concepts, which are projected to run for the next four to six weeks.

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