Where to Get Clothing Tailored in Hoboken {+ 7 Things to Know}

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There are few bonds to envy in this life but if you know someone who has a person they can go to for alterations and have them nail it every time, then using the term #relationshipgoals is merely an understatement. Imagine every item of clothing in your closet fitting you perfectly, you walking the streets looking like a million bucks in a $50 blazer that had a little work done — how does one make this a reality you ask? A little nip-tuck is all it takes.

But how do you get there? How do you find the needle to your thread? In a square-mile town that boasts 25+ dry cleaners with in-house alterations and a few spots dedicated just to tailoring and sewing, it might be time to start thinking of how we can make this a digital match up for you. So, here’s our advice on how to make sure your alterations visit is a good one PLUS where to get clothing tailored and altered in Hoboken:


First things first — alterations are all about communication. Most seamstresses and tailors are trained a certain way. And while they are an expert at their craft, that may not be the way that you want things; so this is where making sure you each understand each other’s expectations is imperative. For example — men’s tailored work pants have changed so much over the years. Creating a “break-look” in trousers appears much different now than it did in 2000 and some are even going for a no-break look. Making sure what you envision is going to be completed is so important.

Here are some tips on how to convey your vision to your tailor:


1. Bring photos of what you want the finished product to look like.

A picture really is worth 1,000 words when it comes to being this specific.

2. Have supporting items for your fitting.

The shoes you plan on wearing with a certain pant being hemmed or undergarments for a dress that’s being taken in are so important to make sure things fall where they are supposed for the end result.

3. Remember— it is always easier to take something in than let it out.

If you want something very fitted, you may want to take it slow and take it in a bit — do a second fitting, and then see if you would like to take it in more. That is how a true tailoring house does it. It may cost you a little extra but when something fits perfectly the garment looks 10x’s more expensive.

4. Start small.

Giving an unknown place a try for the first time? Start with something simple like a hem on pants or a pair of jeans that you’ve had for a while if you can. That will build your trust for something bigger down the line.

5. Know that a good alteration takes time.

When things need to be done at warp speed is when mistakes are made. A place of business may say yes because they don’t want to disappoint you but it’s hard to produce meticulous work working twice as fast.

6. Think of this as an investment.

People get stressed thinking about getting alterations for their wardrobe but in the end it truly does make a difference — not only in how you look but how you carry yourself.

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7. Act fast.

As soon as you buy something that needs a little work done, give yourself only a one week period to get it altered. The longer you let it sit in your closet unaltered the longer you will stare at it when you could be painting the town in it. Or worse, you will try to find creative ways to wear it and just end up looking sloppy. “If the suit doesn’t fit- little else matters” – unknown but so true!

Pro Tip: Dry cleaners will reuse your hangers! Make sure to bring yours back next time you do a drop off.


Where to Go For Alterations in Hoboken

Here are a few recommendations of Hoboken spots that have come highly recommended from some of the most particular of clientele:

Willow Cleaners and Dry Cleaning {1123 Willow Avenue}

HG Notes:

Paid special attention to special occasion dress alterations, did an excellent
job on mens suiting. They also have a pick up location in the Hudson Tea Building!

Contact: 201-533-0800

Modern Cleaners and Tailors {840 Bloomifield Street}

HG Notes:

Came highly recommended for someone with petite needs.

Contact: 201-656-4898

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Susana’s Bridal and Evening Boutique {301 Monroe Street}

HG Notes:

Great customer service. Does formal as well as everyday alterations.

Contact: 201-653-7315

Italmoda Custom Tailoring {526 Jefferson Street}

HG Notes:

Italmoda does wonderful tailoring on a variety of items and a bonus that they are open weekdays until 8PM. Cash only!

Contact: 201-656-6886

While it can seem like a hassle to take that extra step and get your goods from basic to brilliant, it is beyond worth it.

You will feel a confidence knowing your outfit is sharp and putting you in the best light.

Do you have any alteration tips and a favorite place in town to get yours done? Share with us in the comments!

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