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    The Hoboken Plastic Bag Ban is now in full effect, as of Tuesday, January 22, 2019. If you’re not sure what that means, you should read this. If you do know what it means, you’re either wildly prepared, grumpy about it, or aren’t sure what your plan of action is {because you don’t want to pay that extra fee for a bag if you can help it — especially when some places now literally just charge for a thicker plastic bag [le sigh — CVS, Aspen Market, and Shoprite, we’re lookin’ at you]}.

    While it may be the case that you’ll forget reusable bags at home a time or two, it definitely will save some money over time if you remember to bring them. Here are a few of our favorite reusable bags you *won’t* forget at home, because they’re too cute:

    Palm Leaf Jute Tote Bag

    palm jute tote

    While the beach may seem VERY far away right now, this palm leaf jute tote bag from World Market will make it feel a liiiittle closer. World Market, $7.99.

    Ruth Bader Tote

    ruth bader ginsburg tote

    Only for the politically savvy, this RBG tote/pun is a perfect fit. Etsy, $18.75.

    Baggu Reusable Crisp Autumn Tote

    cute reusable tote baggu

    A seasonal favorite, Baggu’s autumn tote reminds us of slightly warmer times — and in general, they’re a reusable bag company that is always pumping out fun designs. This is a current favorite, but there are plenty to choose on the site. Baggu, $10.

    Eat Like You Give a F*ck Tote

    eat like you give f*ck tote

    Pretty self-explanatory. Found on Etsy, $19.99.

    Vibra Cotton Mesh Tote

    vibra eco reusable bag

    The Vibra company actually is locally-founded by a Hoboken-born resident {who is now a Weehawken resident!}, Andrea. She’s created several pieces in her unique eco-friendly line, including this cotton mesh tote, perfect for produce.

    JCrew’s Everyday Camo Tote

    jcrew camo tote

    If you’re looking for a tote bag that has a more everyday feel, J.Crew is your go-to. This camo bag is a cinch to roll up into any handbag or actually even use as a bag for the day, if you’re into that. And just like leopard, camo pretty much goes with everything, except more camo.  J.Crew, $8.00

    Cactus Tote from Etsy

    cactus reusable tote

    This cactus tote is the cutest thing since, well, an actual cactus plant. Etsy, $21.58.

    Bag Full of Sh*t

    reusable tote bag full of shit

    When your bag is self-explanatory. Etsy, $20.00.

    Emotional Baggage Tote

    emotional baggage tote

    Here’s to hoping the weight you’re physically carrying through the Mile Square is more than the mental weight. But either way, this bag says it all. Etsy, $14.99.

    Slightly Bitter

    slightly bitter tote

    If this bag describes your feelings about the bag ban, then this might just be the bag for you. Etsy, $14.99.

    Farmer’s Market Carrot Tote

    farmers market tote

    In need of a farmer’s market tote aesthetic? If that’s not already a thing, it just became one. Etsy, $18.00.

    Bags We Love Found Locally:

    Hudson + Asher HBKN Bag

    hbkn bag hudson and asher

    For those wanting to show Mile Square pride, this bag is for you. Hudson and Asher {formerly Charley + Hudson – just a name change!} sells this adorable HBKN bag at West Elm currently, and you can also contact them here to order. $22, 15th and Willow in Hoboken.

    Brittany Paige Boss Babe Tote

    boss babe tote

    Made by a local designer, Brittany Paige, these black totes are as sleek as they are functional {after all, a black tote will definitely stand the test of time more readily than a canvas or light-colored tote}. These can be found online or at Hudson Paperie, $18.00.

    Washington General Store

    washington general store britt ford

    This beaut, created for the store by Britt Ford, is $8 at Washington General.

    A few more honorable bag mentions:

    Organic Basic Food sells a cute store tote for $1.

    Trader Joe’s sells reusable totes for $1 {they now charge for their previously free paper bags which is annoying — even though technically allowed thanks to the ordinance}.

    Alba Boutique has a fun red reusable tote that comes with purchase.

    Hudson Place Realty is giving out free reusable totes at their offices, just stop by!

    Little City Books has a cute reusable that isn’t just good for books.

    Bwè Kafe has a branded tote that is also very aesthetically pleasing.

    Happy Box Store has a ‘girl power’ tote on its site from time to time — a brand owned by two Hoboken sisters.

    Athleta Hoboken has V cute bags that are cute + reusable too.


    And there you have it. A few totes to peruse, or if you’re not into it, just suck it up and pay the fee.


    Which is your favorite tote? Or have one that isn’t on the list?

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