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{Adoptable} Pets of the Week: Teddy and Diet Pepsi

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Our weekly adoptables from Liberty Humane Society are here!



Meet TEDDY, a four year old pittie mix. He’s a husky boy with a stout bod and blocky head. At just under 80 lbs, his bod isn’t nearly as big as his loving heart.

Recently surrendered to the shelter with his sister, Julez, TEDDY’s mama was moving and could no longer keep them. Teddy and Julez do not need to be adopted together and are perfectly fine being sent to individual forever homes.

Teddy is quite comfortable around his fellow pups and is even great with large male dogs. He’s a seriously silly player, giving lots of butt wiggles and tail wags and constantly attempting to initiate more play. He would thrive with a doggie playmate in his new home, especially one with a fun-loving attitude like his.

A sweet boy with a friendly disposition, he loves making new friends! An active doggie with a higher energy level, Teddy loves being out on long walks and having play sessions with toys. You should see him chase down a ball … he can move for a big boy!

Teddy walks best in a harness, and although he pulls for a few moments he’s a breeze to walk as soon as he’s relaxed.

Although he did live with children in his previous home, Teddy’s large size and energetic nature would best suit him to a home with teens and adults; an active household would be even better.

This Teddy is just like a teddy bear … fun, huggable, loving, and just waiting to be your new best friend.

For more information on adopting Teddy, click here: https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/31490566/



pepsi cat

My name is Diet Pepsi, but it should be shadow; not because of my color but because of the way that I am always with you. I will follow you around like a puppy and when you stop walking, I flop down in front of you looking for my favorite thing in the world…head rubs! I am just oozing with “purrsonality” and will keep you laughing all day long. I will let you in on a little secret; that is not my bed in the first picture, I snuck into my neighbors room because his looked more comfortable. If you are looking for a companion, cuddle buddy, best friend and comedian then look no further than me. My name may be Diet Pepsi but I am as sweet a sugar!


For more info on Diet Pepsi, click here: https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/31154641/

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