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Adoptable Pets of the Week: Hinata & Washington

by Jennifer Tripucka
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This weeks  Liberty Humane Society‘s Adoptable Pets are here – featuring two very adorable pets!



Hinata is just a striking girl with bright green eyes that stand out perfectly against her calico coat.  

It’s a shame that Hinata wasn’t adopted around Valentine’s Day as she is quite the lover!  This would have been a suitable day to find her forever friend.  Instead, Hinata is still hanging around LHS wooing all of the staff and volunteers.  To show she cares for her friends, she gladly offers gentle hand licks and nibbles of affection.

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This jolly fellow is Washington, a three-year old doggie with a heart of gold.  He is a people-centric pooch who is happiest when he’s out and about meeting new people.  He also gets all waggy and silly when his favorite people come along.

Washington is a very smart pup who has mastered his basic commands and is ready to learn more.  He loves to play with toys and enjoys treats so if you have these tools in hand, it’ll make training a breeze.


Stop by this week to the Liberty Humane Society, (located at 235 Jersey City Boulevard in Jersey City), and give these wonderful animals a visit!!

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