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Adoptable Pets of the Week: Barnaby & Lillipie

by Jennifer Tripucka
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These featured adorable and adoptable pets are brought to you by Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City. Scroll a bit to find out more about these very cute animals!




This pocket pitty boy is too cute to be believed!  At just about one year old and only 36 pounds, this little man will wiggle and cuddle his way into your heart.  And cuddle he will!  Our little man is an absolute snuggle bug.  Even though Barnaby is a young dog, he has lovely manners—almost a lower energy pup—and walks beautifully while out on a leash.

Barnaby is a confident, outgoing, social butterfly.  He loves meeting new people of all ages and making new friends wherever he goes. He would be a perfect pet for a house with slightly older kids or teens and adults.  He’s social with the other doggies here at the shelter and recently got to play with an older female American Bulldog mix. She was a much bigger girl, but Barnaby  wasn’t intimidated. He play bowed and wiggled all around her; as a puppy, though, he does need some lessons on how to play politely, but if you have a playful pup at home, he’s likely a good match.




Lillipie (Lilly Pie) may look like a grump—a big, fluffy grump—but she is as sweet as her name!  This lady is a bigger girl but that just means she has bigger cuddles to give.  Ms. Pie had the privilege of spending a few weeks in our back offices as our Office Cat, and our staff simply love her.  Now Lilly is one of our “floor cats,” spending her days ruling benevolently over our cattery with her grump face, her regal bearing, and her immediate love of any lap available.

Ms. Pie would very much like to share her benevolent tyranny with you, where she will grace your home with her grumpy face and lovable, lap-filling self.



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