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Adoptable Pets of the Week: Axl Rose & Queen

by Jennifer Tripucka
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This weeks  Liberty Humane Society‘s Adoptable Pets are here – featuring two adorable animals!

Axl Rose


Axl is a big, silly five year old boy with stunning pale eyes and steely grey fur. He is probably a pittie / American Bulldog mix. Regardless of breed, he’s a fella with a big head and a big heart.  LHS volunteers call him a “big lug” with good reason!  Despite his size, he is easygoing, walks beautifully beside his handler, and has a pretty awesome sit on command. He is affectionate, mellow, and a real people pooch. One of his human friends described him as a “big, lovable doof without a mean bone anywhere in his body.” He tested well when his behavior was being evaluated, enjoying play and pet sessions, politely greeting strangers, and generally being his usual adorable self. Due to his size and his love of rawhides, he would likely do best in a home with older children. And, of course, with adults!



Club Pilates 2023

We simply cannot believe that Quinn hasn’t been adopted yet!  This lady is a about 6 years old and is simply one of the happiest pooches you’ll ever meet.  Dog friendly, cat friendly, kid friendly, and eager to please, she smiles and wags when she sees ANYONE.  She loves her treats and learned “sit” quickly—the better to get to those tasty morsels!  No puppy antics for this lady; she’s far too classy for that.  Given the opportunity, Quinn would be thrilled to take a walk (maybe to go get some ice cream?) then come home to spend a Netflix night on the couch with you.  We hear she’s very excited for OITNB Season 2, please no spoilers for Quinn!

Stop by this week to the Liberty Humane Society, (located at 235 Jersey City Boulevard in Jersey City), and give these adorable animals a home!

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