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Acuworx Acupuncture Studio in Jersey City

by Jen Gonzalez
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If you’re looking for a place to find your zen in downtown Jersey City, Acuworx is a premiere acupuncture and cupping center {located at 190 Christopher Columbus Drive #3A}. Upon walking in, prepare to get all the dreamy, zen feels. This sprawling 2,000-square-foot space boasts five treatment rooms complete with heated beds, relaxing music {think Band of Horses and Alabama Shakes}, perfect nap lighting, and crystal energy everywhere. Keep reading to learn more about this spot and consider checking it out yourself:

acuworx acupuncture jersey city

The Doctor:

No ordinary acupuncturist, Panos Ioannou takes the time to listen to what your body needs, incorporating tongue and pulse diagnostics to determine which areas of the body to concentrate the needles on. He then sprays an essential oil chakra balancing mist to linger over you along with a heat lamp for nap time. When Panos reenters the room, he brings 17 years of experience to the {heated} table, sometimes blending numerous techniques as he sees fit. This may include one or all of the following: cupping massage, tuina massage, and/or gua sha.

acuworx acupuncture jersey city

So, What Exactly is Cupping?

Cupping has been all the rage thanks to Michael Phelps, but this practice is actually an ancient therapy where glass cups are heated up with a flame to create a vacuum of air before being applied to the skin. The suctioning helps to break up any stagnation and increase blood flow, which assists in immune health as well as muscle recovery and inflammation.

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Due to popular demand, Panos now offers cupping as a single treatment. A cupping treatment generally involves 15 minutes of static cups placed on the skin followed by roughly 15 minutes of sliding cups, where he gently slides the suctioning cups across your back using oil {+ it feels AHHmazing}. While Panos is careful not to “overcup,” due to the increased blood flow, be warned that cupping does leave some marks and light bruising that can last a few days.

acuworx acupuncture jersey city

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All About Tuina Massages + Gua Sha:

Tuina is an ancient Chinese therapeutic massage traditionally used in conjunction with acupuncture to stimulate the energy meridians and acupuncture points. Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medical treatment where the skin is scraped using a piece of jade or rose quartz to promote reparative oxygen flow to areas that are too tight of quarters for cupping such as the neck and shoulders. Gua sha is an excellent method for removing adhesions in the muscle and just like cupping, it will leave you with some light bruising.

acuworx acupuncture jersey city

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Pricing + Insurance

Insurance is accepted at Acuworx. You can email your insurance info to [email protected] to see if your insurance is accepted. Otherwise, acupuncture sessions are generally 45 minutes – 1 hour and cost $100. Cupping sessions are roughly 30 minutes long and cost $65. To make an appointment, call 201-724-3998.

Have you ever been to Acuworx? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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