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Acupuncture in Hoboken: Dao-Sheng {Healing the Natural Way}

by Michelle
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If you’ve ever complained about lower back pain, migraines, cramps or any other bodily dysfunction, we have found a solution for you {that doesn’t involve a trip to the pharmacy!}. Dr. Loh, founder of Dao-Sheng Acupuncture, is here to help you with any ailment you may have, no matter how common or uncommon it may be.

Dao-Sheng translates to “student of the Dao.” Dao means having a harmony with the universe and nature, and that is exactly how you’ll feel after a few sessions with Dr. Loh. Treatments include {but are certainly not limited to} migraines, menstrual cramps/PMS, anxiety, sinuses, prenatal and postpartum care. Keep reading to learn more about this Hoboken staple {located on 109 Grand Street}.

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The Office:

dao sheng hoboken

When you walk into the office at Dao-Sheng, you are welcomed into a waiting area with tranquil music and Chinese artwork that could help even the most stressed client get into a relaxed state. The session begins with an extensive consultation, where your whole body is analyzed to provide you with a completely customized treatment. Dr. Loh, trained in both Western and Chinese medicine, focuses on both mind and body so he takes both into account during the consultation. Once Dr. Loh has a deep understanding, it’s time to enter one of the treatment rooms {all painted with warm and relaxing colors}.

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Dr. Loh has two offices, one in Hoboken and one in Hackensack. He told us that he especially loves the community of Hoboken because the residents are young, educated, and open-minded to practices like acupuncture.

Don’t Let the Needles Intimidate You:

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For those of you who are skeptical about acupuncture because of the needles, we totally get it. As a first-time recipient of the treatment, there were definitely some nerves involved. The sensation can best be described as someone gently flicking you — and Dr. Loh is so gentle it’s hard to notice at all. After a few moments your body will relax, and chances are you’ll doze off under the infrared lamps.The heat of the lamp is the energy that promotes circulation of the Qi {life energy force which flows around the body} within the meridians throughout the body. You’ll leave office in a calm and relaxed state.

Dr. Loh encourages taking care of mind and emotions, as those inform your physical well-being. He strongly believes that emotions can produce physical symptoms, a term known as “psychoneuroimmunology” {quite a mouthful!} He advises his patients to manage their emotions through mild and gentle activities and eating habits as well as daily meditation.

Conditions Treated:

You name it, Dao Sheng treats it. Here are just SOME of the aliments acupuncture at Dao Sheng heals:





Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Common Cold





Morning Sickness



Sleep Disturbances

Sore Throat



+ a whole lot more. See the full list here.

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About Dr. Loh:

Dr. Loh, born and raised in Taiwan, was a practicing oncologist for many years {while still practicing acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine} before gradually shifting into the practice he has today. After many trying years in the oncology field, Dr. Loh decided to take his knowledge of Western medicine, and blend it seamlessly with traditional Chinese practices to open Dao-Sheng. He loves being able to help people and see how his treatments enhance their lives almost immediately.

Don’t believe us? From a Patient:

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“I started losing my period when I was 39 and I started to experience night sweats, mood swings and fogginess in my head. So 39 is actually quite young to start experiencing menopause and the approach I took was acupuncture 3-4 times a week with herbs. Acupuncture was able to bring back my period for another 9 years and then I went through menopause around 48-49. The symptoms were lessened and almost nonexistent, I did receive more acupuncture but after a while I didn’t have any menopause symptoms.”

dao sheng hoboken

Next time you feel those cramps or a migraine, skip the trip to the pharmacy call and call Dao Sheng at 201-659-0100

or visit their website for more info.

This post is sponsored, but the author of this article {and several HG team members} have been to Dao Sheng, and it’s A-MAZING.

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