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30 | COVID-19 Antibody Testing + Herd Immunity: Q+A with Dr. David Boguslavsky

by Jennifer Tripucka
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What is the benefit of having COVID-19 antibody testing done?

What is the controversy occurring with FDA approval regarding antibody testing?

Can you have had COVID positive test, but can you test negative for antibodies?

Can you get multiple antibody tests?

How accurate are tests? What does testing mean?

What is the best type of antibody test to get and where can I get it?

…just a few of the Qs from today’s podcast with Dr. David Boguslavsky of Premier MD.

We’ve taken a brief hiatus in production due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we’re ramping it up this week to discuss the very important topic of COVID-19 antibody testing with our special guest Dr. David Boguslavsky, a board-certified physician in family medicine who also is a certified medical acupuncturist. Dr. B is on the front lines of COVID-19 and recently started BacktoWorkSolutions, leading a talented team of over 50 clinicians ready to provide them with antibody testing prescriptions when appropriate for both individuals and employers. He answers a slew of questions that our readers had, and then some. It’s really informative — and worth a listen.

We’re recording from our houses via zoom, so please excuse the sound quality or connectivity issues!

Please listen and share with anyone that has been anxious or wondering about any of these questions regarding COVID-19 and anti-body testing.

Be safe and healthy!

We’ll be back soon with a new episode.

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