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28 | Should I Freeze My Eggs? + Other Qs for Leyla of Fertility Together

by Jennifer Tripucka
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This episode brings Leyla Bilali of Fertility Together to the Tea on the Hudson studio to talk about fertility in the area with us — and dispelling some myths about the IVF and egg freezing processes.

She is a registered nurse, fertility nurse, fertility consultant, and owner of her own company, Fertility Together. Today, we’re talking all things fertility — which no matter your age, gender, or marital status is something to be knowledgeable about, as well as Leyla helping to dispel some myths about the IVF/Egg freezing, and other processes.

Some of the questions she answers: 

Is egg freezing is dangerous?

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What age should I consider egg freezing?

Could freezing your eggs now enhance your future fertility?

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Can you not drink for 6 months before you start IVF?

Are women are the only reason that couples do IVF?

Is egg freezing is for women in their 30s and up only?

How much does IVF or egg freezing cost?

If someone is thinking they may want help with fertility issues, what’s the first step?

Jen also shares the news, openings and closings, Coronavirus updates for Hoboken + Jersey City, and a hidden gem in Hoboken — as well as our hero and zero of Hudson County for the week.

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