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Here’s What $1,950 Can Get You in Jersey City

by Katherine Chaves Diaz
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Recently ranked as one of the best cities to live in the United States, Jersey City is the place to be. As one of the most diverse cities in the US, the second-most populous town in New Jersey, and the 10th most artistic city in the country, many have wondered how much it costs to live in Jersey City. We’re asking locals to tell us how much it costs them to live in Jersey City in our “Here’s What $ Can Get You in Hoboken + Jersey City” Series. Keep reading to learn more about life in the Bergen Hill neighborhood. 

Disclaimer: If you’d like your apartment or house to be considered for a feature in this series, email [email protected] with the below questions answered + photos of your home.

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Hoboken Girl: What city do you live in?

CS: Jersey City

HG: What neighborhood do you live in?

CS: The Bergen Hill neighborhood.

HG: Do you rent or own?

CS: Renters for life!

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HG: How long have you lived there?

CS: We’ve been in Jersey City for almost three years, in this apartment for a year.

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HG: How much do you pay for rent?

CS: We pay only $1950. A rare gem.

HG: What is the square feet of your home?

CS: About 1800 square feet.

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HG: How many bedrooms and bathrooms?

CS: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath with a bonus space upstairs.

HG: What are the standout features of your home?

CS: It’s a duplex, so we have only one immediate neighbor.  Our unit has two floors which is incredible. We have a private yard that is massive, a washer & dryer in-unit, and a driveway. The wood floors, fireplaces, and moldings are so charming.

HG: What amenities does your building offer?

CS: No amenities here, since it’s not a complex, but like I said – the yard, in-unit laundry, and the driveway.

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HG: What was your decorating budget for the entire space?

CS: I don’t ever have a budget in mind when it comes to decorating, mostly because I don’t buy everything at once and like to add things over time. We’re a year in and we still don’t have much hung on the walls. I’ve luckily acquired quite a few things from family, friends, thrift stores, and the Facebook marketplace. I hate paying full price for things.

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HG: What is your neighborhood like?

CS: The Bergen Hill/Bergen-Lafayette area is amazing. People are finally starting to realize how much this neighborhood has to offer. People get more bang for their buck than in the Heights, where we came from, and downtown. There’s more of a real-life neighborhood feel, not a ton of apartment complexes, and people who have lived here forever. My favorite place is The Grind General Store. It has all of my favorite pantry goods and the people who work there are the nicest. Mordi’s and Harry’s Daughter are the best restaurants, and 902 Brewery is a great spot for a drink with friends. We’re also less than five minutes by car to Liberty State Park and Berry Lane Park is right around the corner. We love it here.


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