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This 15 Fox Place Wedding in Jersey City Is One for the Books

by Victoria Marie Moyeno
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Katie owns an online shop called Rooted Rags and does hand-dyeing + embroidery.  Rob is Chief PMO at Lifion by ADP. They knew they were in love after their second date, and the rest was history. The happy couple has called Hoboken home for the last five years, and have been together for six. They were also engaged for just six weeks before tying the knot at Jersey City’s 15 Fox Place – and what a gorgeous intimate wedding it was! Read on to learn more about the Tucker’s love story of a quiet Englishman and an outspoken southern gal from New Orleans.

15 fox place wedding

HG: When/where did you and your partner meet?

Katie: We met at a party in the city 6 years ago. Rob is traditionally quiet and I’m outspoken. After many hours of banter amongst the friends, Rob said “good night” and it was then that Katie realized he was British!

15 fox place wedding

15 fox place wedding

HG: Was there an instant connection/chemistry between you two?

Katie: Nope! I had a boyfriend and Rob was so shy. When we reconnected months later on Tinder and went on the first date, we definitely realized there was chemistry! For the second date, Rob planned an all-day hike and packed snacks for every hour. It was then that I knew he was definitely a keeper.

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15 fox place wedding

HG: Tell us about your proposal.

Katie: About 1.5 years after meeting, Rob was invited on his first family vacay with my family to Colorado for July 4th week. We went a day ahead of the group and Rob took me 14,000 ft to the top of Pike’s Peak. He proposed on the mountaintop and then drove me to meet up with the family! It was perfect because all I wanted for a proposal was to celebrate with my parents and siblings.

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15 fox place wedding

HG: How and why did you land on 15 Fox Place as your venue?

Katie:  We wanted a small wedding in England but a legal ceremony in the States, so we settled on a courthouse wedding. When we called to check the courthouse calendar they gave us Tuesday, August 14, and hung up. We shrugged and said, well that works! When we told our families they were disappointed to not be in attendance and instantly booked flights.

We quickly decided that our wedding of 2 (plus 2 witnesses) was turning into a micro wedding and needed a better space. After celebrating our engagement with a dinner at 15 Fox Place, we asked if they’d let us get married there and they were so awesome about it! It turned out to be an absolutely perfect ceremony outside followed by the best 3-hour meal ever. We’ll never be able to thank the owners and staff enough for making it the most memorable event for all 14 in attendance.

15 fox place wedding

HG: How many people did you have at your wedding?

Katie: Fourteen people. It was us, our 2 witnesses plus their spouses, 1 friend, the 4 parents, my sister, my brother, and his girlfriend.

HG: What was your favorite moment of the day?

Katie: It was my dad officiating our ceremony. There is nothing as special as knowing your father approves so highly of the man you’ve chosen that he asks to get ordained to officiate.

15 fox place wedding

HG: Did you use any local vendors?

Katie: Kevin was our photographer and we just saw he still has our photos on his website. Mallory did my hair and makeup, learn more about her here. Soho Flowers on 1st Street did the flowers.

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15 fox place wedding

HG: Any advice for couples planning a wedding locally or in general?

Katie: Micro weddings are the absolute best. We always wanted to remember that a wedding is a celebration of a couple and it’s their day. We wanted our guests to enjoy every bit of it without any need to find bridesmaid dresses or tux shoes. It was our day, it’s your day, just do it for you!

15 fox place wedding

HG: What are you looking forward to most as a married couple?

Katie: We were happy and in love before the wedding, we enjoyed planning and celebrating our little wedding and now we simply continue loving our Hoboken life and now our little girl!

Shop Katie’s brand at www.RootedRags.com.


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