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Word on the {Washington} Street: Hoboken Composting, Carpooling, Organic Juice Bar Opening, and More Hoboken News

by Kate Lombardo
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April is bringing some creative new businesses to Hoboken that we are very excited about. Grab a coffee {or a fresh pressed juice, see below} and check out the news with the latest word on the {Washington} Street-  the one stop shop to everything news in Hoboken. 

Community Compost Company Coming to Hoboken:

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According to their website, Community Compost Company is a “local collection service that picks up food and organic materials and returns them to the earth through composting.” Starting Saturdays in June this service will be available to the Hoboken community. They offer options for building pick up at a charge or community drop spots if your building doesn’t yet offer this as a service. Composting is a fantastic way to help take care of our environment. It puts nutrients back in our soils and decreases the amount of waste in landfills and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Spread the word and let’s start composting!

 Jersey City Mayor Seeks to Limit Chain Stores:

In an effort to preserve the culture and quaintness of Downtown Jersey City, Mayor Steve Fulop is looking to propose new rules that would limit the amount of chain stores in the area to 30% of storefronts. According to NJ.com, Mayor Fulop believes small business owners have a greater understanding and dedication to preserving the character of the downtown area. Grocery stores would not be included in this plan and the Newport area of Jersey City would not be affected. Opponents to this suggestion feel that it is not the government’s job to control the retail market of Jersey City and that in trying to do so, the city runs the risk of unrented storefronts that would otherwise be rented by chain investors.

Moviepass Comes to Hoboken:

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LifeinHoboken.com clued us in to this fabulous new feature coming to Bowtie Cinemas in Hoboken. Moviepass combines the growing streaming trend of Netflix, HuluPlus, and Spotify with the movie-going experience. For $35 a month, you can visit any theater in which Moviepass is available and see an unlimited amount of movies that month. You can see the same movie twenty times if you’d like or see a new movie every day. The only catch is the service is currently limited to 2D movies- so no 3D or IMAX. AMC, Bowtie Cinemas, Multiplex, and ShowPlace cinemas are all enrolled in the program, which means pretty much any of your favorite local movie theaters accept it. And, as if there could be any more good news- they’re currently offering the first two weeks for free, so it’s easy to give it a try.


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Hoboken Woman Launches Carpooling App:

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Lakshna Jha, a Hoboken commuter and mother of two, launched a carpooling app on March 1st in Hoboken that has the potential to change the way people travel. According to their website, sRide is a social carpooling service that connects riders and drivers to help people within the community to save money and time, reduce traffic and stay green. Unlike ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, which work more like a taxi service, sRide pairs commuters headed towards the same place and essentially charges them to split the cost of gas. The “rider” is charged $.57 per mile and the driver keeps 80% of that payment. The app is currently available for both iPhone and Android users in the Hoboken area. sRide will be launching in Washington, D.C. in the near future. We love seeing powerful Hoboken Girls out there changing the world!

Hoboken Undergoing Citywide Branding:

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As part of the First Street streetscape improvements currently being planned to begin this summer, T&M Associates and M Studio presented design possibilities to be used in citywide branding efforts. According to Gotham & Hudson, these designs would be featured on signage throughout Hoboken and have been crafted to pay homage to the history and culture of our Mile Square City, including the slanted design of the “H” used to resemble the railroad tracks that have and continue to be vital to the city. One design features a diamond background as a nod to baseball diamonds, whose history is famously rooted in Hoboken. The city will finalize design plans this spring with the input of the public committee formed to represent Hoboken citizens.

Hoboken & Stevens to Hold Take Back the Night Event:


Take Back The Night® is an organization whose mission is to “create safe communities and respectful relationships through awareness events and initiatives. {They} seek to end sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual abuse and all other forms of sexual violence.” On April 21, 2015 Stevens Institute of Technology, CarePoint Health, and the City of Hoboken will work together to host the city’s Take Back the Night event.  The event will begin on Stevens campus and supporters will then march on to Pier A and participate in chants, a moment of silence, and hear speeches from survivors of sexual assault. The timeline for the event is copied below and attendees are welcome to join at any time throughout the event.

Timeline (times are all estimates)
6:00 p.m. — Meet at Davis Lawn and Welcome
6:30 p.m. — March from Stevens campus to Pier A
7:00 p.m. — Arrive at the Pier (note: we will observe a moment of silence at point of arrival)
7:10 p.m. — Opening speeches by Dr. Meika Roberson and Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer
7:30 p.m. — Survivor Speeches and Speak Out
7:40 p.m. — Final remarks
7:45 p.m. — Song selection: “Black Bird” performed by Stevens President’s Ensemble
7:50 p.m. — Conclusion of events

Liberty Humane Society Open Spay/Neuter Clinic:


The Liberty Humane Society maintains a strict policy that guarantees all animals are spayed or neutered prior to adoption, lowering costs for their adoptees and preventing unwanted pets born through accidental litters. Hudson county has no low-cost spay/neuter clinic so animals are transported approximately 80 miles to the closest clinic. This not only creates stress for the staff, but for the animals as well. The Liberty Humane Society recently opened their own clinic housed in a fully equipped RV that is located on LHS grounds. Currently, this clinic is only available for animals housed by LHS, but they hope to expand that in the future. Donations to support this great cause are currently being accepted and are much appreciate. Donate by clicking here.

Buddha Press Organic Juice Joint Opening:


According to the New York Post, Buddha Press, an organic and raw juice bar, was set to open at 322 Washington Street on Monday, April 6th. We strolled by the location on Tuesday and while they weren’t open yet, we did see them loading in a ton of fresh fruits and veggies, which leads us to believe this is the week. We are loving all of the healthy options headed to Hoboken just in time for Spring! SOOOOO EXCITED.


That’s the latest word on Washington. Have any news tips?


Email [email protected] to fill us in. 

*Buddha Press is now closed.

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