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15 Things to Expect at SantaCon in Hoboken

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Let’s face it — love it or hate it, snow or no snow, SantaCon is happening on Saturday, December 15th, 2018. And whether you’re a Hoboken newbie or a seasoned veteran, it’s safe to say that the following list of things to expect on SantaCon is pretty real. From girls dressed in elf costumes to Santas fighting in the streets to those hiding out ’til further notice, the experience happens but only once a year. So stay safe, hunker down, dress up, do your thing — but make sure to read this list of pretty common occurrences during SantaCon in Hoboken so that you’re prepared. Here’s who you’ll see/what to expect:



1. The Child Wondering Why There Are So Many Santas Around


2. The Parents Trying to Explain to Their Children Why Santa is Holding a Case of Beer


“Look away! That’s not the real Santa, Tommy!”

3. The Girls Dressed Up and Not Wearing Coats Even Though It’s 20 Degrees Out


Baby, it’s seriously cold outside.

4. The Festive Dogs That Participate


Giving us liiiiife.

5. That One Guy That Dresses Like Jesus


Praise the lawd.

6. The Couple Dressed Like Elves in a Serious Argument


It’s kind of hard to take your fight seriously when you’re dressed as Mrs. Claus and Kris Kringle.

7. The Couple Making Out in Santa Outfits {Like He’s Going Off to War}


Jack and Rose had a shorter goodbye.

8. The Person Who Used Be All About SantaCon {and Now Looks Upon Participants With Disgust}



9. The Out-of-Towners Who Just Came to Hoboken to Enjoy a Nice Brunch…



10. The Hoboken Veterans Who’ve Been-There, Done-That and Know To Hide


Delivery, wine, Netflix, bomb shelter? It’s a way of SantaCon-Day life.

11. The Chaos at the Pizza Shops — All Day


Uptown, downtown, 1st Street — but mostly downtown.

12. Santas Fighting Eachother Outside of the Bar


And more…


13. Santas Getting Citations


The gift that keeps on giving. Thanks to the Hoboken PD for keeping us safe!

14. The Santa Walks of Shame in the Morning


Cellphone, wallet, dignity — gone.

15. The Hangover is Real.



‘Tis the season. Have fun and be safe everyone! Remember NO drinking and driving, and witching hour starts at 6PM…but chances are even earlier. God speed, y’all.

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