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Hoboken’s OVO Vodka is Cleaning Our Oceans + Hosting Local River Cleanups

by Hoboken Girl Team
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Having access to Hudson River’s beautiful waterfront makes Hudson County a unique place to live. It also gives this community the opportunity to participate in keeping our local ecosystem clean. Now, thanks to a Hoboken-based vodka company, you can make the world a better place by going out for a night on the town. OVO Vodka is reinventing how the world drinks, with proceeds going toward cleaning the world’s oceans by removing harmful plastics — one cocktail at a time. Keep reading to learn more about the company and the exclusive offer to Hoboken Girl readers.

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‘The Packwood’ cocktail is made with OVO Vodka, vanilla syrup, passion fruit puree, and lemon juice (usually $13.95). Northern Soul is located at 700 1st Street in Hoboken.

The Earth-Friendly Story Behind OVO Vodka

OVO Vodka was founded in 2019 by British expats Jon Dunnington and Anthony Packwood, who owned a small business together in the UK. After completing an MBA program, the two friends relocated to Hoboken in 2016 where they lived together on First Street for a while before moving again to Jersey City. The idea for OVO Vodka stemmed from the positive impact that global lockdowns had on sea life, like when dolphins were spotted in Venice canals. 

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Working toward creating new industry standards and ending damaging cycles, OVO Vodka is a local team of six, dedicated to disrupting the industry by championing efforts to remove plastic from the ocean while also making great-tasting vodka. The company has partnered with California-based non-profit Clear Blue Sea, which is creating a semi-autonomous robot (named FRED) designed to remove plastic waste from water.

“We are not only attempting to stop the plastic crisis but we are actively reversing it. From our knowledge, we are the first truly cause-conscious liquor brand — born to do good rather than simply strategically partnering to follow environmental trends,” Jon told Hoboken Girl.

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In addition to working with Clear Blue Sea, the team at OVO Vodka hosts monthly waterfront cleanups in Hoboken followed by complimentary OVO cocktails at Union Hall. They are also developing a curriculum on what resources are available to educate the local community on the plastic crisis and how to get involved. Follow along on Instagram to get updates, including information about the next waterfront clean up event.

“I love that OVO Vodka is gluten-free because my options are more limited when it comes to a great drink — so finding a local company making a gluten-free vodka that doesn’t compromise on taste is exciting,” said Hoboken Girl founder Jen Tripucka. “Beyond the drink itself, it’s inspiring to see a small business invested in improving the environment we all share in a very actionable way.”

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Where to Drink + Shop for OVO in Hudson County

OVO Vodka is made from 100% high-grade American corn which is distilled six times then filtered with activated carbon for a clean, purified taste.

“That’s our fancy way of saying that it’s unbelievably smooth, delicious, and gluten-free,” Anthony said. “Our vodka has the slightest hint of a secret ingredient which doesn’t alter the taste, but takes away the harshness of most vodkas making it extremely smooth.”

OVO Vodka is sold in over 20 local liquor stores and bars in Jersey City + Hoboken. You can also order for delivery through the Drizly app.

“It’s amazing going to bars that I have frequented since relocating here and seeing OVO Vodka on the shelf,” Jon mentioned. “Hoboken just always feels alive, particularly at this time of year. For such a small town to have such a diverse array of bars and restaurants is completely unique — and I should know, I moved 3,500 miles to live there.”

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Bars in Jersey City + Hoboken

Northern Soul Kitchen + Bar | 700 1st Street, Hoboken

ovo northern soul

Cocktail to try: The Packwood


Union Hall | 306 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken

ovo union hall

Cocktail to try: Cake on the Hudson


Mulligans | 159 1st Street, Hoboken

ovo mulligans

Cocktail to try: Oceans 11


The Ashford | 145 Newark Avenue, Jersey City

ovo the ashford


Grace O’Malley’s | 140 Newark Avenue, Jersey City

ovo grace omalleys


Hudson Hall | 364 Marin Boulevard, Jersey City

ovo hudson hall

Vendors in Jersey City + Hoboken

Wine Dads | 1330 Willow Avenue, Hoboken

ovo wine dads


Hoboken Vine | 400 Newark Street, Hoboken

ovo hoboken vine


The Thirsty Quaker | 492 Monmouth St, Jersey City

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Don’t forget to mention ‘Hoboken Girl’ to receive $3 OFF ‘The Packwood’ cocktail made with OVO Vodka at Northern Soul, located at 700 1st Street in Hoboken, through Thursday, June 30th. OVO Vodka is a Hoboken-based company with products available at multiple locations throughout Jersey City + Hoboken. You can place an order for local delivery through Drizly and reach out to [email protected] with any questions or follow on Instagram.

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