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10 Netflix {and TV} Shows You Should Binge-Watch When Stuck Inside

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Whether it’s rain, snow, or just a good old fashioned head cold, sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting on the couch or cuddled up in bed and cozying up to some seriously addicting TV. To enable your veg-out habits, we’ve compiled a list of ten Netflix {and TV} shows you should binge-watch when stuck inside the house. Of course you know the usual suspects — Scandal, Orange is the New Black, and Gossip Girl on Netflix, but this is a newly curated list. You’re welcome. So grab your wine, tea, or soup, the remote, and enjoy this day in!

1. Stranger Things {Netflix}

Even for those who don’t love Sci Fi, this much-discussed Netflix series will hook you in from the start {PROMISE!}. A young boy disappears from his home and the quest to find him by his best friends and family reveal some {pun intended} strange situations and revelations along the way. Winona Ryder and the rest of the cast do a phenomenal job of balancing this mystery/suspense thriller-meets-nostalgia-trip-to-the-80s.  You’ll be watching late into the night with this one {and the number 11 will never be the same again}.

2. Luther {Netflix}

If you don’t know who Idris Elba is, you will after Luther. This BBC crime-solving series {now on Netflix} is chock-full of adventures for the British detective, who solves the most sinister of crimes and brings serial killers to justice. This isn’t your typical L&O-type scenario, however; characters are weaved in and out of the series, and the storyline will have you hooked from start to finish.

3. The OA {Netflix}

This show is so out there and unique, and anyone who loves Stranger Things must give it a shot. After disappearing without a trace, a woman is found and brought home to her family, but not without a lot of baggage and near-death experiences and — dare we say — clairvoyance? This one is a ‘must-watch’ because if we tell you any more, we’ll ruin it.

4. Big Little Lies {HBO}

Liane Moriarty’s best-selling novel turned HBO mini-series is truly the best thing gracing HBO GO this spring. Only a few episodes available to watch so far {the rest haven’t been broadcasted yet}, but Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and the rest of the cast do an impeccably believable job of being Monterey, California housewives filled with secrets, lies, drama, and — gasp — what appears to be a murder. Desperate Housewives 2.0 — but better.

5. This Is Us {NBC}

A good cry + a show that will pull at your heartstrings {and make you want to call your parents/grandparents}, This Is Us is a perfect pick. Milo Ventimiglio = husband goals, just sayin’. The entire series is available on the NBC app, so you can catch up on this season’s episodes and get ready for season 2 —which has already been confirmed!

6. How to Get Away With Murder {Netflix/ABC}

Oscar-winner Viola Davis stars as powerful criminal lawyer/professor Analise Keating in this suspenseful drama/series on ABC. Each episode has a crime-solving/court case storyline, but the overall drama and suspense that weaves everything together is what will keep you watching. Who knew a law professor and her students could get into so much trouble? The first few seasons are available on Netflix, and you can get caught up on the ABC app once you’re done with those.

7. Shameless {Showtime}

This dramedy revolves around six children raised by their alcoholic father in a poverty-stricken area of Chicago. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wince, you’ll watch sex scenes — it’s all there. FYI: If you’re not into sex, drugs, and cursing, this is probably not the show for you. Starring William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum.

8. Bloodline {Netflix}

A Key West bed & breakfast owned by a local family has many secrets {including a murder}, and the twists and turns will keep you watching to figure it all out. It just goes to show that just because someone is your blood, doesn’t mean you can totally trust them… {that’s all we’ll give ya}. Season 1 is definitely a nail-biter, but Season 2 didn’t grasp our attention as much. Either way, worth the watch!

9. Narcos {Netflix}

Looking for a bit of history mixed in with your TV-watching? Narcos is the insane true story of infamous druglord Pablo Escobar who literally controlled and terrified the country of Colombia. You’ll follow American and Colombian DEA agents as they attempt to find Pablo and bring him to justice.

10. The Affair {Showtime}

You think you really know your spouse — but do you?! The Affair is a Showtime original series which takes place in Montauk, following author Noah Solloway {played by Dominic West} who — you guessed it — cheats on his wife. It’s a suspenseful show filled with twists and turns that will have you glued to the TV. Bonus: Joshua Jackson is on it for all of the Dawson’s Creek Pacey lovers. You’re welcome.


Just a few of our faves as of late that should get you through being stuck inside. Any recs you want to share? Favorites to watch right now? Would love to find some new shows — comment below!


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