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Catskills Getaway: A Weekend at the Tiny House Resort

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Goats, glamping, and a little bit of a woodsy adventure = that’s what’s on the menu for this week’s Hoboken Girl getaway. If those aforementioned items aren’t your thing, then you may want to pass this article by, no hard feelings. But if a weekend away in the country with nature *does* strike your adventure chord/fancy, then Think Big: A Tiny House Resort should definitely be on your list. Located at 2776 Road 23B in South Cairo, New York {in the Catskills just under two hours from Hoboken and Jersey City}, this vacation home rental compound is a dream come true for any city dweller looking for a little peace and quiet — without too much “roughing” it. Here’s more about a recent trip to A Tiny House Resort, and why it’s a must for your next vacation getaway {besides the blaring fact that it’s SUPER dog friendly}:

Catskills tiny house

^Our tiny house for the weekend

First Things First:

What’s a Tiny House?

The tiny-house movement has taken the world by storm, and in the Catskills where there’s actually tons of room for a sprawling house, it’s no exception. As of 2018, there’s no “set” definition of what can be called a tiny house, but any place to live that’s under 500 square feet is generally considered a tiny home.

tiny house resort catskills ny

^One of the tiny houses on the property

Driving to A Tiny House Resort

It’s a quick trip up the Thruway on 87 North, usually about two hours from start to finish {depending on traffic}. Definitely take a gander at some of the towns south of Cairo on the way up or down; Kingston is a fun stop on the way up for lunch, and there are several towns nearby the resort that are great for dinner if you arrive late.

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The Resort

tiny house think big

Upon entering the resort, you’ll park your car and see a quaint little farmhouse that has a sign with a number on it. Call that number and you’ll get in touch with Marjorie or “Margie” — not to be confused with RHONJ Marge that we all know and mostly love {but this Margie is sweeter and more accommodating we’d dare to say}— and she’ll come by to get you all set up.

tiny house outside

^Another tiny house on the resort

We followed her 4-wheeler to the property, passing by the adorable tiny houses along the way, with Catskill Creek flowing nearby. There are about 10 on the property, and Margie said she’s considering adding more — but 10 is a big feat since they recently opened back in 2017.

tiny house resort catskills ny

Enroute to our designated tiny house, we passed by a gated area where Margie and her family keep five dwarf goats, ducks, and chickens —which she also mentioned lay eggs each morning; these are up for grabs for breakfast {talk about farm-to-table}.

Inside the Tiny House

Our tiny house was adorable — literally, if you didn’t know that it was tiny, some of the photos of the kitchen would have you thinking it’s a regular house based on the appliances.

tiny house resort kitchen

tiny house resort catskills ny

^The inside of our tiny house

Fully-equipped with an oven, fridge {and even fully-stocked mini bar of waters and other treats if you’re hungry — though with a small Venmo fee}, you’ve got everything you need to stay in and cook the entire weekend. About 15-20 minutes away from the compound, there are several adorable towns including Catskill, Hudson, and Saugerties that all have great breakfast lunch and dinner spots if that’s more your thing. Margie also mentioned that you can get delivery to the tiny houses. Country living with the ease of city delivery? Count. Us. In.

tiny house resort bedroom

^View from the bedroom loft

Each tiny house has a fire pit, and within short proximity to most of the houses, there is a “snack shack” and firewood area, where you can honor system Venmo them for supplies, treats, and anything you may have forgotten at home.

tiny house pets

^Goats and the snack shack. All one needs in life.

tiny house resort fire pit

^The fire pits = outside each tiny house

But don’t fret — towels, shampoo/conditioner, soap, and anything else you’d need is in each tiny house. It’s pretty much like a mini hotel on wheels, in the middle of the woods.

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What to Bring

If it’s winter: Definitely bring snow boots {it didn’t snow while there, but it had snowed a ton and we did some hiking and walked to the waterfall on the property}. Also, your dog. While we didn’t bring ours {even dog mamas need a break!}, after speaking with Margie on the phone during booking, we were fully convinced we should. The resort is ultra-dog-friendly, and dogs are encouraged.

tiny house signs

Even when going out to dinner, it’s a pretty casual vibe — flannel and boots are totally acceptable. And in the summer, there’s a pool for the guests on property, so definitely bring your suit.

tiny house resort catskills

^The heated pool that’s on the property – open in the summer {courtesy of A Tiny House on IG}

If we call goats and ducks amenities, there are a-plenty. Margie and her family have pets galore, housed adorably on the property — and happy as could be. Each morning, she feeds and “walks” them, and welcomes guests at any time to join and play with them.

tiny house resort catskills

^Playing with the goats — they were sooo sweet.

The Backstory

A Tiny House Resort has quite the history. “Think Big!” founder Bob Malkin opened the first retail store in Soho NYC featuring oversized pop art. It quick became a favorite tourist destination and celebrity hot spot, with things like a five-foot Crayola crayon and an eighteen-inch Oreo cookie becoming iconic objects. In 2016 he was faced with a choice: find a new tenant for the long-held property, or sell and try something new.

tiny house resort catskills view forest

Meanwhile, Bob’s daughter Marjorie was traveling the county in a 35-foot RV traveling the country with her family — and had settled in the Catskills. Bob’s granddaughter, Melissa, helping manage the waterfront vacation rental properties the family owned.  But it was only after his granddaughter asked to live in a tiny house, Bob knew that it was time to sell the Soho location and open a tiny house vacation rental resort. “The key was finding the right property the right property,” Bob explained.

The family searched high and low for a property on the water and found a 40-acre property with a 1/2-mile of creek frontage and an on-site waterfall. “Walking on a deer trail with a real estate broker in snow boots, on a tiny ledge seeing a hint of water through the overgrown weeds, she knew, we found the next venture. And so as fate would have it, “Think Big!” has come full circle. The store was sold and the proceeds were reinvested from the world of the oversized to the world of the undersized,” the family shared on its website. Think Big: A Tiny House Resort was born.

tiny house resort new york

^Our tiny house at night. The cutest.

And since late 2017, they’ve been running the resort. After such a wonderful weekend in the winter, it’s truly hard to determine which season is the best, but it’s safe to say that regardless of the season,  it will be an experience to remember. HIGHLY recommend for a quick weekend trip away — whether by yourself, with other couples, or a group of friends. There are tiny houses that can accommodate 1-2 and up to 6 people, and one even has a hot tub on-site. Glamping, we’re taking you to the next level.

To book a stay, visit the Tiny House Resort website or call 518-622-2626. Tell them we sent you because we loved it thaaat much.

Have you ever stayed in a tiny house? Would you?

Let us know in the comments below!

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