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Evolve Psychotherapy in Hoboken: A Modern Approach to Therapy

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Mental health is an important aspect of our overall well-being. If you’re looking for modern and relatable evidence-based therapy in Hoboken, the team at Evolve Psychotherapy is here to help. Located at 221 River Street, the local practice provides therapy for adults, adolescents, and couples. Keep reading to learn more about Evolve Psychotherapy and its modern approach to therapy (+ an exclusive offer for HG readers).

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All About Evolve Psychotherapy

Evolve Psychotherapy is a woman-owned private practice comprised of seven passionate clinicians. With its main office located in Hoboken, the therapists also provide care to clients all across New Jersey via telehealth.

“At Evolve, our team helps clients identify what is important to them so they can lead fulfilling, meaningful lives,” said Rachael M. Houston, LCSW, founder and Clinical Director of Evolve Psychotherapy. “Using only evidence-based treatments with clinically proven success, we work collaboratively with clients, empowering them to be the narrator of their own journey.”

Evolve believes therapy should help clients feel supported rather than pathologized, meaning each client is in control of their healing, and clinicians are there to hold their hands along the way — at whatever capacity is needed from them.

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“While we recommend weekly appointments to get the most out of sessions, we believe that any therapy is better than none,” Rachael said. “In fact, we believe this so passionately that in addition to in-person services, we have virtual therapy so that even clients with busy schedules can benefit from personalized sessions without stepping into the office.”

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Professionals With Firsthand Experience

Evolve prides itself on employing professionals who are both relatable and experienced in their therapy services.

“Our therapists are also working professionals who have overcome the challenges our clients face today,” Rachael told The Hoboken Girl. “We are equipped with both the personal and professional experience that is needed to make clients feel both comfortable and understood.”

“We all experience the same range of emotions,” added Brian Leguia, LCSW, a new clinician who recently joined Evolve. “I gain more insight into my own humanity when I empathize and help others explore theirs.”

evolve psychotherapy hoboken

^Rachael Houston, Founder and Clinical Director of Evolve Psychotherapy

Each clinician has their own background and specialties, and three members of the team offer therapy in multiple languages.

“Our team is highly diverse in their experience, specialties, and cultural backgrounds, which is important to us so that we can serve a broader population,” said Rachael. “At Evolve, it is really important to us to make sure that every person seeking therapy has someone they can relate to and feel understood by.”

One of the newest members of the team, Carlee Frew LPC, specializes in women’s issues such as motherhood, marriage, body image, fertility struggles, aging, postpartum, and other life transitions. Carlee has helped women of all backgrounds navigate complex issues for many years and is looking forward to offering her expertise alongside the clinical team at Evolve.

Brian Leguia, LCSW, another member of the Evolve team specializes in treating anxiety disorders in both adolescents and adults. He also works with families and is very skilled at helping couples overcome relationship challenges by equipping them with the skills needed to communicate in healthy ways. Brian’s style is very technique-driven; he provides clients with practical tools that they can use in real-time between sessions and his clinical approach is described to be very supportive, creative, and kind.

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Evolve’s Approach to Therapy + Free Phone Consultation

Evolve aims to “deliver high-quality care by using only evidence-based techniques,” said Rachael.

Some of the issues and disorders Evolve helps treat and manage include anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationships, stress, anger management, self-esteem, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Evolve clinicians provide treatments and services like Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, trauma-informed care, and Sex Therapy.

Making the commitment to share personal information and life issues can be hard, which is why the Evolve Psychotherapy team is providing a free phone consultation to help interested clients figure out which type of therapy service and clinician would be the best fit for their current needs. Just make sure to mention ‘Hoboken Girl’ when calling the Hoboken office.

evolve psychotherapy hoboken

Couples therapy has also become very popular at the practice with couples looking for help navigating sensitive subjects with needed guidance and support. With the help of an Evolve therapist, couples can strengthen their relationship or overcome challenges in a collaborative way while promoting positive interpersonal changes within each individual. The local team can help couples navigate topics such as intimacy, communication, household roles, love languages, boundaries, infidelity, and more.

“This work is rewarding for so many reasons,” said Rachael. “Witnessing the moment when clients realize how far they’ve come in their journey; seeing the sense of pride, esteem, and self-worth they feel is one of the most meaningful experiences you can have as a therapist.”

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Don’t forget, you can receive a free 15-minute consultation with the Evolve Psychotherapy team when you mention ‘Hoboken Girl’.

Evolve Psychotherapy is located at 221 River Street in Hoboken. For client inquiries, call 908-498-7448 or email [email protected].

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