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The Spray Tan Chronicles: Tre Chique {Mobile Airbrush Tans + Beauty}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Problem: you have a spray tan appointment booked and it’s about to downpour.

Solution: To avoid looking like you’ve got little white freckles on your newly bronzed body {unless that is the look you’re going for}, meet Tre Chique, the mobile in-home beauty boutique. So, the spray tan chronicles continue:


Recently, the Tre Chique ladies {Delia & Kim} came for a visit to my apartment for a custom airbrush tan. I had a wedding to attend that weekend, and since there was a chance of rain, it was the perfect solution to avoid splotchiness post-spray.

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When the ladies showed up {10:30 on the dot–the exact time of our appt!}, we immediately got to business. Delia popped up a mobile spray tanning tent and Kim kept Pierre busy so he wouldn’t lick my newly bronzed legs. Well, except when he ran inside the tent:

Pierre ready for his spray tan.

Pierre ready for his spray tan.

Before the spray tan:

I was given a shower cap and some anti-aging secret potion {it smelled sooo good} to rub all over my body, basically. No lotion needed on dry spots or hands and feet {which I love — because I never know if I applied too much and get anxiety}.

Anti-aging secret potion PRE-spray

Anti-aging secret potion PRE-spray

As far as color:

I opted for the Medium #7 spray tan {The options are Light, Medium, Dark with numbered settings within each level}. I was verrrry pale before I started, and I didn’t want to look too dark since I was just going to a wedding {and not Mexico or somewhere where being way tanner made sense}. Even though I got a medium, I was a bit nervous beforehand because depending on the tanning salon, a medium can be a lot darker than light…however, the color was PERFECT. Not too dark, not too light. In fact, if you’re trying to look extra tan, I would even go for dark– but Delia did explain that the tan blends with your skin so my Medium #7 would not look exactly like someone else’s Medium #7. It was truly one of the best spray tans I’ve gotten: even tan, no peeling, no missed spots, no darker dry spots. In luurrve.


PALE BEFORE repping that Casper look.

TAN AFTER. that's more like it.

TAN AFTER. that’s more like it.


The aftermath:

The spray tan didn’t fade unevenly or make me look like I had a skin disease as it was coming off — in fact, it was just the opposite. I got the spray on Friday, and I still feel newly bronzed and the color STILL looks so natural {and it’s Tuesday}.

The price:

For an in-home, custom air brush spray tan by Delia, it’s $90. I know, it’s not cheap. But, quality over quantity in my book. Add a blowout to that by Kim = $40+. But honestly, best spray tan EVER. And, right now, the ladies are offering a deal where you can get in-home 4 spray tans and 4 blowouts per month for $300 —-> Mention Hoboken Girl and you get 4 spray tans and 4 blowouts for $200  per month!!! Unbeatable quality and price for that monthly package.


About Delia & Kim:

photo 1

Delia and Kim are best friends turned business partners. Delia {left} was actually the manager of LA Tan in Hoboken…but unfortunately, Super Storm Sandy cut that experience short. The Hoboken salon was devastated and closed its doors for good, leaving her clients pale and thirsty for color…and voilà mobile custom airbrushing was born! Kim is a hair stylist and makeup artist that started on 5th avenue in NYC and spent the next six years working in Jersey City as a salon manager. The two make up Tre Chique and are a kickass team. So sweet and genuine!



Don’t forget:

Mention “Hoboken Girl” and receive $100 OFF the $300 monthly package:

—-> aka 4 blowouts and 4 custom air brush tans IN YOUR HOME = $200!


*minimum of 3 months purchase – $200 per month {aka perfect for wedding season}

Contact to book: info@trechique.com



Have you gotten a spray tan or makeup/blowout by Tre Chique? What did you think?

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