The Max Challenge Hoboken is Hosting a FREE Trial Class + Virtual 10-Week Challenge

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If your #summergoals involve getting into shape, creating better eating habits, and living an overall healthier lifestyle, The Max Challenge Hoboken has the perfect virtual experience to make that happen. The Max Challenge is a community of fitness professionals and dedicated members who support each other on their journeys of health, wellness, and fitness. And even with social distancing and self-isolation being a part of our new normal, this team has made it possible to continue working toward your goals. The Max Challenge Hoboken is offering a free virtual trial class on Sunday, June 14th, at 10:00AM so you can experience the workout that so many people have come to rely on. The 10-week challenge starts on June 15th, so it’s the perfect reason to start getting your sweat on. {Walking back and forth from the kitchen doesn’t count, though we wish it did!} Learn more below about this community of fit pro’s as well as the free class + upcoming June challenge.

Click here to reserve your spot for a free trial class on Sunday, June 14th, at 10:00AM.

The Max Challenge Hoboken Program

The Max Hoboken blends high-quality fitness classes and nutrition coaching, plus the motivation and support needed to stay on track to hit your goals. The Max Hoboken team told us about the well-rounded program, saying, “Members feel like they have a personal trainer, nutritionist, and success coach all rolled up into one program. This fitness and health regimen is perfect for hitting your goals just in time for summer.”

Free Virtual Trial Class on Sunday, June 14th, at 10:00AM

Experience a virtual workout and see what it feels like to be a Max Challenge member — completely free. The Max Challenge has worked with thousands of people to completely transform their health through a combination of fitness classes, nutrition coaching, and on-going motivation. Regardless of how often you workout or how experienced you are in fitness, The Max Challenge team is there to help and offer an array of fitness and nutritional services.

The Max Challenge Virtual 10-Week Challenge Starts June 15th, 2020

The Max Challenge has shifted the well-known 10-week challenge to be available virtually, so you can participate and get the results you’ve been yearning for, even from a distance. The challenge combines fitness classes, nutritional counseling, and the support needed to stick with it over the 10 weeks. You’ll get to participate in unique workouts that combine all the most important parts of fitness and health. Making a lifestyle change {and maintaining it} is not always easy, but The Max Challenge team helps you stay motivated and offers modifications for each and every exercise. The 10-Week Challenge is made up of workouts that become increasingly harder over time. Plus, the virtual experience at The Max Challenge isn’t just fitness classes, it also includes: 

  • – A simple, easy to follow nutrition plan
  • – A community of support and accountability
  • – Unmatched motivation
  • – Live cooking demonstrations
  • – Live mindfulness sessions
  • – Live motivational speakers

Members can participate in live online classes at 6:30AM, 12:00PM, and 6:30PM or catch them on-demand at a later time. 

By the end of the challenge, members are down pounds and inches but self-confidence is elevated. Maintaining an active lifestyle and healthy eating is the next step, which is why many challenge participants decide to become legacy members. This allows you to continue enjoying classes and the support of the community.

The 10-week challenge is $299, with $99 down. That pays for unlimited fitness classes, nutrition programs, and a community of support. You can get started by clicking here.

About the Owner

The Max Challenge of Hoboken is owned by Cassandra Wilson. Cassandra is a wife, mom, businesswoman, and health + wellness enthusiast. She is excited to have The Max Challenge in Hoboken and is a longtime fan of the city’s businesses, residents, and lively energy. Cassandra believes The Max Challenge will augment the community and change the lives of many.

Start Your Journey

Sign up for the free trial class here — it’s totally free, no strings attached. But if you’re looking for a real transformation, sign up for the 10-week challenge here and start your journey to better health and fitness.

This post is sponsored by The Max Challenge Hoboken.



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