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10 Tips for the First Few Weeks of Being Engaged

by Jennifer Tripucka
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You’re engaged!! Congratulations, a word you’ll hear quite often in the next few weeks {or this happened a while ago–or maybe is coming soon — but don’t say that to your single friends, it’s annoying}. Regardless of your current marital status, there are a few {unspoken} rules and tips that come along with enjoying your first few weeks of the road to marital bliss that I’ve learned and maybe slipped up on myself. Here they are:

1. People will respond in one of three ways to the news of your engagement:

a. People will be super happy for you.

b. People will fake being super happy for you.

c. People will (poorly) fake being super happy for you.

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I just imagine some people doing this Jim Carey classic as they send their congratulatory text. Sad, but true.

2. You will get blatant texts from people that go something like this:

Friend you haven’t talked to in 2 years: Congratsssss! OMG!!!! SO excited for you 🙂

You: Thank you so much!!

Friend you haven’t talked to in 2 years: Now send me a ring pic, girl!!

Don’t feel obligated. It’s your ring, your property, and your feelings. If you don’t feel comfortable because you know that it is not out of the goodness of their heart that they are asking for a pic, and they just want to know to judge or dissect it, then don’t do it.


3. You will have an abundance of champagne.

dog perignon first things to do when engaged

^Even your dog will want some!

Moët, Veuve, even a Dom Perignon, perhaps? You’ll be drinking champagne til your pinky gets tired. Truuust me. All in good fun though. And you’ll probably feel like this in most social situations:



4. Save the cards people give you.

engagement cards

Don’t let them fall into a pile and never be found again. They’re memories, and it’s fun to look through cards and all of the well wishes of family. I’m thinking about doing a very simple DIY project {here} to save the ones we’ve been sent thus far.

— and, write thank you notes! Those that reached out with a gift deserve a little extra love! Some people are extremely thoughtful, and it’s nice to recognize their generosity and kindness at a wonderful moment like this.

5. Ring pics are great, but tread softly.


We get it. Your diamond is beautiful. Or you just always imagined flashing a ring pic to the world of social media {plus, it makes it easier to avoid said conversation in #3}. Post if you want, but be tasteful about it — your friends will want to see the sparkler, that’s for sure, but don’t make it the sole purpose of your instagram feed for the next month.


6. Don’t immediately update your facebook status the moment it happens. 

Enjoy the moment. Call your parents, your siblings, your BFFs, but then call it a night — and wait til the next day or two to announce officially. That’s just a personal word of advice from my engagement experience, and it was great. We got to enjoy our evening without being bombarded with phone calls, spoke with the people we love the most, and spent some QT time together alone and happy. Of course, every situation is different and if your family and/or friends are there, it may be different – but social media can always wait. Live in the moment!


7. You will definitely call your fiancé by the term boyfriend{/girlfriend} for a few more months, minimum.

I still can’t get it right. I either say boyfriend or husband, because it’s easier and fiancé sounds weird. Maybe it’s just me.


8. Tell people who ask intrusive questions to relax.

Great Aunt Louise needs to calm down with asking when you’re planning on having kids. You’re not even married. MYOB!


9. When someone asks, “How’s wedding planning going?” — a few words of advice: 

erin condren planner

^Keep your planning to your wedding planner and your plan book.

It’s not an open invitation to start an hour long conversation about your wedding colors or the fact that your bridesmaid Tina is being a total B. However, if someone asks, it’s perfectly acceptable to give them a polite, honest answer {without giving too much away and going on and on — unless you’re super close with them and you think they actually want to know – which, in that case, it’s fine}. Think of it kind of like when you ask a co-worker, “How are you?” and they respond with a 30 minute discussion of how their brother-in-law is the worst and their son won’t stop eating everything in the fridge {I totally just made that up but that sounds like a legit problem, who wants a growing teenage boy eating everything in the fridge?!}…and all you wanted was to be polite by the water cooler.


10. Enjoy this time. It only happens {hopefully} once in your life.

hoboken girl champagne benny tudinos

You know what that means. 

Well, it means:

a. You and your fiancé should celebrate with family and friends — whether it be in the form of an engagement party or just dinner with family/friends — celebrate!! Celebrate what this is all about — love, union, and happiness.

b. Don’t get caught up in stressing about a wedding just yet. Truuuust me, it will come in time. Enjoy the first month or two to yourself, and then start the planning. It’s a surprisingly fun process, if you like planning parties! Buuut, nail down a venue date, then relax {IMHO}!


If you don’t wanna take MY word for it, head over to The Luxury Spot’s comprehensive post from a while ago that I just loooved about Annoying Wedding Shit. Agree with all minus the wedding hashtag. I meeean, that’s kind of a thing now. #sorrynotsorry


Have some tips for newly engaged brides and/or couples? Comment below!

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