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The Hoboken Bride: The 5 Wedding Photographers for the Urban Bride {You Should 100% Hire}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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As a portrait and engagement lifestyle photographer myself, I was always asked who my wedding photographer would be — and everyone made comments on how difficult that decision would probably be for me. WRONG. It actually was the easiest part of the planning, because I had already seen my photographer in action and knew who I wanted to hire immediately. Budget aside, this was probably one of the most important pieces of the wedding besides my fiancé {!} and venue. The day will go by in a heartbeat, your images will last. In fact, we chose our wedding date based on when our photographer was available — rather than the other way around! Priorities 🙂

Unfortunately you can’t hire them all, but I guarantee that no matter which photographer you hire of these 5, you will LOVE and cherish your wedding photos for years to come. And no, none of these photographers knew that I was writing this, in case you were wondering. Not saying these are the only photographers to choose from, but they definitely take the {wedding} cake in my eyes, that’s for sure.

Here are five wedding photographers that are bound to knock your socks off on your big day {in no specific order}:


1. Ashley Caroline Photography

ashley caroline ashley caroline


Ashley has a very unique, fresh yet vintage feel — I always find her photos dreamy and Style-Me-Pretty-esque, which is never a bad thing 😉 . She’s located in Connecticut and travels worldwide. Her work is perfect for the rustic, vintage bride with a touch of urban edge — and I adore her details shots. I have followed her work for a while, and it just keeps getting better and better! So beautiful!

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.35.52 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.35.21 AM

2. Andrew Graham Todes Photo

andy todes 5

I first discovered Andy’s work when he photographed my friends’ wedding {see pic of the bride and groom under the veil!}. The vibrancy of his images are incredibly moving and evokes true emotion. Every image he captures feels like a work of art or a magazine-worthy commercial photo. He does a lot of work in the north Jersey area {see the Hoboken waterfront shot above — Hurricane Sandy Style!}, and his images are captivating — not just the one or two he posts, but the whole album! What I also love about Andy is that no matter what the weather is like on your big day — he’ll make lemons into lemonade when it comes to your images. Sold!andy todes andy todes 3 andy todes photography

 andy todes

andy todes

My favorite photo of his, ever!


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3. Hoffer Photography

hoffer photography 3

Dramatic scenes with beautiful lighting and the use of the shadows rather than the light in many cases — that is what I love about the Hoffers’ work. They’re a husband and wife team that do stunning indoor work, which is great especially if you have dramatic lighting or a tricky indoor lighting situation. They photographed my friend Diana’s wedding this NYE as well as another bride I know and did a spectacular job. I particularly love their landscape scenes with a couple placed strategically in the shot as the focal point. Breathtaking. Below is a recent maternity photo…I mean, can you even?!

hoffer photography 2 hoffer photography


hoffer photography maternity


4. Vanessa Joy Photography

vanessa joy 3

Vanessa’s work is that of a true professional and another seasoned wedding photographer. She has photographed several people I know, and their wedding photos were gorgeous. Her work is vibrant and beautiful, and, like the rest, she is a top-notch photographer. Her focus is photojournalistic with a rustic/vintage flair, which truly embodies her work. Love.

vanessa joy 1

vanessa joy vanessa joy photography

5. Crystal Stokes Photography


crystal stokes photo

I have been a fan of Crystal’s work for some time now. Dramatic, breathtaking scenes and lighting combined with vibrant color, softened/illuminated skin, and photographs filled with emotion. She is located in North Carolina, but is TOTALLY worth the costs of flying her to your wedding! Her photos speak for themselves.

crystal stokes crystal stokes 2 photography crystal stokes photography




Our own wedding photographer is one of these 5 — guess who?? I’ll give you a hint, he’s #2. But in reality, these five are the creme de la creme for wedding photography in my eyes, and no matter which one you choose, you canNOT go wrong. It has to be someone whose images speak to you, evoke emotion, and of course — customer service and professionalism go a long way as well. Not saying these are the only five, but they’re my five favorites, that’s for sure. Anyway, Happy Photographer Shopping! If you have any questions, of course email me jennifer@hobokengirl.com.

Have a local photographer that you love and are using for your wedding? Share their info in the comments below.

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