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The Hoboken Bride: Styling Your Engagement Photos with Tiffany Piñero

by Jacquelyn
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Jacquelyn Mavrookas of Eventfully, Jacquelyn {Hoboken wedding planner} here, chatting with stylist Tiffany Piñero on styling your engagement photos!



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Now that you’re newly engaged, next on your “wedding to do” list may be to schedule a session for your engagement photos. Since selfies with the fiancé probably shouldn’t make the cut, what better way to officially announce your engagement with the rest of the world than with beautiful, professional photos of the two of you?


HG Editor Jen’s Court Street Engagement shoot last week {photo by Jaime Lauren Photography}

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Once you’ve figured out the larger details of your photo session {photographer, location, date}, perhaps next on your mind is figuring out what you should wear. Since you will have these photos for a lifetime, and will likely be sharing them across your social media accounts, you should aim to create photos that truly capture your style and dynamic as a Hoboken couple. For tips on how to get this right, we chatted with Tiffany Piñero, Hoboken’s leading stylist and authority in all things fashion, to hear her perspective on perfecting engagement photos with style and grace.


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According to Tiffany, the first three things to focus on when planning out your engagement photos are:

1. Finding the right photographer {more on that coming soon}

2. Picking a location {ditto}

3. Deciding what you want your photos to express {i.e. will they be more literal with props that say things like “I love you,” or will they be more demure by showing your love through kisses and affection?}

Besides your darling fiancé, the photographer is the most important piece to this puzzle, so take your time in choosing someone with a solid portfolio and who knows what they are doing. You already have enough on your plate at this stage in your engagement, and worrying about details such as the right lighting should be the last thing on your mind! Ideally, it would be great if you’re able use the same photographer on your wedding day as well, so establish a good rapport beforehand and make sure you feel comfortable working with them from the get-go.


Essential: A photographer {and fiancé} that can make you laugh!

Once those details are figured out, it’s time to tackle the fun part – styling your photos! Below, Tiffany reveals her perspective on how to successfully style your photos for this special day, and shares a bit of inspiration with snapshots from her own Hoboken engagement as well as HG editor Jen’s recent engagement photo session.

Is there a complimentary color scheme or color palette you think works well for engagement photos?

Tiffany: The color of your garments can really control a photo. It is nice to work within a color story to give the image a cohesive touch. It’s quite simple, but for success, follow the two C’s: Coordinate and Compliment. Prints can be tricky, but if you balance them with solids they can look effortless.

Tiffany’s own engagement shoot  {photo by Elario Photography}

Where in Hoboken do you suggest brides-to-be go should go if they are shopping for new outfits or accessories for their photos?

Tiffany: We are so lucky to have a plethora of great boutiques in town. For contemporary clothing, I adore State Boutique. You can scoop up something gorgeous for you and your man there! I can never get enough of the fanciful selection at Mint Market, which also carries some amazing vintage finds. Factory Boutique, Bella Ro & Dear Hannah are other favorites where you will score something fun, flirty & engagement-shoot-worthy.

As for the jewels & clutches & beyond, you will find a variety of ways to sparkle and shine with what’s in store at Aaraa Accessories. Maxwell’s 9.13.34, Hoboken’s hidden gem on Court Street, is also to die for with an elegant and eccentric selection of jewelry and antiques.


Jen’s engagement shoot outfit styled by Tiffany last week — all pieces from none other than H&M in NYC!

What are your thoughts on getting hair and make-up done for the shoot?

Tiffany: Personally, I think getting your hair & make up done for a shoot is a good idea. It is a nice stress to have lifted knowing the beauty details will be handled with the touch of a professional and all you have to do is smile with your love in front of the camera. Just don’t go overboard, you want to look like yourself.


Jen’s hair & makeup by Ashley Branda of Rebellations in Hoboken + light spray tan from Dina of DKM Cosmetics

If a bride-to-be is going to splurge on one “style item” for her photos, what should it be?

Tiffany: As many brides-to-be know, once they try to establish a budget it becomes very difficult to decipher what is worth splurging on. When it comes to your look, splurge only if you truly can. There are so many things that will add up so fast; don’t just do it for “the pictures” or social media. Trust me, as a stylist, I’ve seen it and it’s such a waste.


 Werrkin the non-prom prom pose. And Jen’s sporting a new coat splurge thanks to Tiffany’s stylist shopping skillz!

If you do find something extraordinary that will not only compliment your wedding attire but you can also wear it after the wedding (ex: earrings, bracelet, clutch or shoes), then you get my blessing. I am all about the cost per wear {how much you paid for an item, divided by the amount of times you wear it = cpw}. I still wear my wedding jewelry & shoes often!


Jen’s splurge? This $300 coat from Zara in NYC {which Tiffany went on a mission to find!} — she’ll be wearing it allllll fall/winter, especially since it comes with a detachable hood!

Any tips for working it in front of the camera?

Tiffany: A photo that can stand the test of time lies in the simplicity of the shot. Let your photographer capture the everyday moments that make your relationship real. Try to make your photos as natural as they can be. Instead of posing for pictures; hang out with each other, hold hands, laugh, and show affection as you naturally would. If it makes you feel more comfortable, add in some props too!


Pierre + some Veuve make excellent props for Jen & Tyler’s engagement shoot 🙂

Perhaps it’s a football jersey from your college football teams, or the new puppy that’s taken over both your hearts – whatever it is that’s an important symbol of your lives together – be sure to incorporate it into the shoot for a one-of-a-kind touch.

Tiffany’s engagement shoot — Editor’s Note: can you tell that we bond over our love of frenchies?

Any final advice for photo day?

Tiffany: Whether you break your shoot up by outfits, or locations, you should plan for some fireworks for your grand finale. Maybe you’ve kept it casual through all your looks and now it’s time to put on the ritz, showing how well you both “clean up.” Maybe it’s an action shot of the two of you doing something you love together, like riding horses into the distance.


Photo by Jaime Lauren Photography

Prepare for a moment like this. Sometimes, they just “happen” but like they say, luck is when preparation meets opportunity. So prepare for something grand, let loose and I’m sure you will create that iconic money shot without even breaking a sweat.


Breakin’ it down on Court Street

Most importantly, amid all the details and logistics you have to figure out while planning, simply remember to enjoy this moment. How often are you able to get glammed up in a fabulous outfit, with the man you love by your side, and have your very own photo shoot for the day? Leading up to the wedding, it’s the fun and memorable moments like these that you’ll wish you could do all over again! So cherish this glamorous opportunity as any celebrity would, and – in the words of Ms. Tyra Banks – don’t forget to smile with your eyes!



Photo by Jaime Lauren Photography


 *Bella Ro is now closed.

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