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SNS Manicures in Jersey City: Why We’re Obsessed

by Kate Lombardo
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Let’s be honest… there’s pretty much nothing better than a good mani — from regular polish to gel to Vinylux and anything in between. But, trying a new type of manicure is scary — What about dry time? Will it ruin my nails? Does it last?! And finding a process that absolutely blows you away is a rarity. Until the SNS manicures came to town {sort of} and everything changed. Seriously, this UV-free, no-dry time, two plus week manicure is the mani you’ve been waiting for and we’ve got the lowdown on how it works and where to find it.

What is SNS?

SNS Manicures

^What SNS looks like

SNS, short for Signature Nail Systems, is technically a brand name for dip-powder manicures. While it’s the most popular, it’s not the only one — Revel Nails is also carried in the area, but there are other manufacturers as well.

Dip-powder manis are a more permanent manicure solution along the lines of gel, acrylic, or LCN. The system has 400+ different powder colors that last on your nails for over three weeks without chipping. While the powders do contain some acrylic, they also claim to be infused with calcium and other added vitamins which help to strengthen your nails rather than leaving them brittle upon removal {but more on that later}. 

The other key benefit of SNS-manicures are that they require no UV light so you don’t have to worry about long-term of affects of UV on your hands. Plus, it majorly decreases drying time.

Even though it’s branded as a natural option, and while there are some “healthier” benefits to dip-powder over the other permanent mani styles, it’s not 100% natural and does contain some chemicals, so if you’re looking for a completely all-natural solution, you may have to stick to organic polish.

Where do I find it?

Sadly, SNS manicures are a bit hard to come by, so far. But, not to worry, we’ve done our research to fill you in on the places in the area that offer dip-power.

After calling literally every nail salon in Hoboken, it seems that, as of now, the only salon in Hoboken to offer the SNS system is Shining Nail Salon, located at 301 Jackson Street. We haven’t tested out the mani here, so we’re not sure how many colors they have, but they confirmed they do in fact carry SNS.

There was one other salon in Hoboken {that shall remain nameless} that claimed to offer eight colors of the dip-powder. Unfortunately, the experience here was terrrrribble {we’re talking a walk out of the salon kind of experience}, so it’s not recommended as an option.

There are, however, three salons we know of in Jersey City that offer dip-powder manicures:

Blooming Nails, located near Journal Square, carries the Revel dip powder system. They have 80+ colors to choose from and do a fantastic job. Parking can be tricky, so taking the light rail or an Uber is definitely recommended.

But, our go-to option is JC Creative Nails on Palisade Ave in JC Heights {bonus: it’s one block from the new Choc-o-Pain — mani + chocolate croissant = best Saturday morning ever}. The salon is only a few months old and apart from being super clean, they are also extremely friendly and give a thorough manicure with extra bonuses.

SNS Manicures

^Book your appointment.. stat!

How does it work?

The dip-powder system is similar to regular polish in that there are a wide variety of color options, including French {usually an up charge}, and just like with gels or regular polish, different salons carry different options. One thing to keep in mind is that the powder does looks slightly different than it does in the container once it’s activated on your nail, so be sure to check out the nail samples offered to get a more accurate color depiction, then your technician will find the color you choose.

SNS Manicures

^color options and JC Creative Nails

After choosing your color you’ll get started with a standard mani- shaping, clipping, filing. Once that’s complete, a primer will be painted on {similar to gel primer}. Then, a clear base coat will be applied to your nail. Once that one nail is painted with the base coat, your finger will be dipped into the color powder. Then, the next nail will be painted and dipped — and so on. This process will repeat two or three times per nail, depending on the opacity of the color.

SNS Manicures

^nails being dipped

Following the application of the dip powder, a sealant will be painted over the nail which activates the powder and hardens it to your nail. The technician will file your nail using either a standard or electric nail file. This will smooth out any graininess in the powder. Then, the top coat is added and voila! — your nails are set for two to three weeks. We’re talking tried and true at the three-week mark. While the mani definitely grew out, we were chip-free with no lifting, which is always a complaint with gel.

To top it off, JC Creative Nails offers a back massage following your mani. Yes. Please. The technicians here a super thorough and ask you the entire time if you’re happy with the shape, color, etc. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions — they are totally open about wanting to make their customers happy.

SNS Manicures

^recent SNS mani!

Removal from your mani is just like gel — it requires soaking the nails in acetone {ugh!} but if you book your pedi and let them soak while you wait, it’s NBD. Pricing on SNS ranges from $35-$40 for standard color and $45 for french.  JC Creative Nails has a bonus card that gets stamped if you pay cash, and after 10-manis you get one free {yaasss!}.

Expert Tips?

After testing this out multiple times, there are definitely some things you learn:

– There is a white base coat that can be applied to your nail before the color powder. Definitely ask for this for any light colors, as it will ensure the color looks the way it does on the fake nail sample. Plus, it helps to keep your nails stronger.

Make an appointment. Some salons we called said an appointment wasn’t necessary but then upon walking in there was a two+ hour wait for the technician. Not all technicians are trained in the system so this will help to avoid any waiting time when you arrive.

Speak up! If your technician attempts to use UV or some type of other acrylic system, then it’s not SNS. There is no UV involved, and your nails should be dipped directly into the powder color — no color polish is needed.

Don’t actually wait three weeks. It will last {which is amazing} but it definitely makes your nails grow faster, and the three week look really isn’t cute. Trust us, we tried it and let’s just say lesson learned.

– Just like gel, your nails will become thinner after having it on for a while. However, we did find that after a day or two the nails were pretty strong again, unlike with gel.

We’re banking on Hoboken nail salons carrying this ASAP. V-Spot on 14th told us it’s coming soon — we’ll keep you posted. Tell your favorite salon to get it, and fill us in when they do!

Have you tried SNS manicures or found a salon in Hoboken that offers it? Let us know in the comments below!


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