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Slimming + Toning AcuSculpt™ Massages at NJ Acupuncture {Jersey City + Bayonne}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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Holistic healing and alternative therapies are definitely taking the area by storm — including for weight loss. Hudson County is thriving with so many helpful healers and alternative remedies, and Ani Baran is one of those specialists paving the way. Ani is the owner and main acupuncturist at NJ Acupuncture Center in Jersey City and Bayonne, and her practice is showing how acupuncture + massage can lead to weight loss. At her offices, she offers a custom slimming and toning massage that can accompany acupuncture to help with — you guessed it — slimming and toning. We took it for a test drive, and here’s how it went:


^Ani at her office {she has two: 550 Newark Ave in Jersey City + 777 Avenue C in Bayonne}

The Office

Let’s just start off by saying that NJ Acupuncture office in Jersey City has PARKING. Yes, a full parking deck. You’re welcome. There are a ton of doctor’s offices at 550 Newark Ave, and Ani’s is on the 2nd level within several other medical offices {shoutout to Jersey Premier Pain Center for their awesome chiropractors}. You’ll take a seat in the waiting room after checking in, and then Ani will bring you to one of the treatment rooms.

The Treatment

Depending on what you’re aiming to do, you’ll have your regular acupuncture session with Ani. If it’s weight loss you’re going for, she’ll hook your acu needles up to stim machines so that it adds that extra pulse and activates the treatment in a bigger way. This will really help stimulate your metabolism — acupuncture with stim {ask for the weight loss protocol if this is what you’d like, but Ani will help you during your consult to decide which treatment plan is good for you}.

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^Stim hooked up to acupuncture needles for 1st part of treatment

Once you’re done with acupuncture after about 10-15 minutes, the masseuse will come in. It’s best if you take off your clothes {underwear on}, and she’ll lay a towel over you. Or you can just keep your shirt on — whatever feels more comfortable. Just note that you will have oil/creams on you, and also remember that this is not a relaxation massage {though it is relaxing!}, it really is getting into the fat on your body and breaking up the cells so that it will slim and tone your body. It’s a firm feeling {and if you’re ticklish you may giggle a tiny bit — not speaking from experience or anything} that will be slightly uncomfortable at times. But pain is beauty, no!?

Zap Fitness

^After acupuncture during the slimming and toning massage.

Ella focused on problem areas of abdomen, love handles, and thighs. Sliiiiightly ticklish! My b.

AcuSculpt™ Massage

Ani shared with us the list of things AcuSulpt™ helps with:

  • Curbing cravings
  • Speeding up the metabolism
  • Stimulating bowel movements
  • Healing the gut
  • Getting rid of bloating and gas

The verdict?

From the first treatment, it definitely felt like things were moving and shaking in stomach/leg areas. It almost feels like the machine that works on your cellulite {but with actual human contact + oil, of course} — and afterwards you feel relaxed and like your ‘problem areas’ are activated.

The massage helps to rid the body of bloating, and it tones up the abdominal and inner thigh muscles {could definitely feel it in the stomach and love handles area} if done over time. You’ll feel it in your gut, and it will definitely move things around if you know what we’re saying {a trip to Doody Free girl perhaps in order?}. According to Ani, for the treatment to work, the only thing required is to be consistent. We’ll cheers to that — and will definitely be back!

The Offer

If interested, Ani is offering Hoboken Girl readers a free consultation – and teachers get a free mini massage {with their acupuncture treatment}! Insurance is accepted for acupuncture, and you’ll also receive an introductory rate as an HG reader.

To book an appointment, please call (201) 668-0343. You can also visit NJ Acupuncture’s website here.

Interested in learning more about Ani’s practice? Read our last post here: NJ Acupuncture Center in Jersey City {and Bayonne}

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