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Sasha Formoso of Aligned Style Theory: Using Astrology to Define Personal Style

by Alexis Spoden
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Many of us have read our horoscopes and thought, “Wow, that was spot on,” or “That’s not me at all.” Astrological stylist, Sasha Formoso, explains that a person’s sun sign only tells a small part of the story. There are so many other elements in astrology that paint the whole picture such as a person’s moon sign or birth chart. With Aligned Style Theory, Sasha uses these astrological tools as a guide to help her clients better understand themselves, and thus discover their personal style. Find out exactly how Sasha stumbled into this unique line of work, blending the ideas of astrology with fashion. Keep reading to discover how Sasha Formoso of Aligned Style Theory uses astrology to define personal style.

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How It All Started

“It’s been a long journey to get here,” Sasha says. She was first introduced to astrology when she was about 11 years old. Her grandmother gave her an astrology book from the ‘60s which she read about a hundred times. Growing up, Sasha felt that she did not fit into one genre of human.

“I needed to adopt a structure so that I could find a way to organize all of these different sides of myself,” she explains, and astrology felt like the perfect way to do this. She had always been drawn to anything that allowed her to explore creativity, so she began blending the idea of aesthetics with each astrological sign. It was a way to put a visual to astrology and to put astrology to clothes.

Sasha continued practicing her craft on herself as just a hobby for years. “It was the weird thing about me that people knew,” she explains. It wasn’t until her mid-20s when she realized that this was something she needed to pursue. So around 2017, she officially launched her styling service, Aligned Style Theory.

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How It Works  

Sasha describes Aligned Style Theory as “a program geared toward discovering and developing personal style in a way that’s authentic to your soul.” Her goal for her clients is to take away the pressure of having to dress a certain way and instead consider the relationship that each client has with him or herself first.

“Essentially what I do is I go through someone’s natal chart to look for ways to help them translate their natal placements so that they can better understand themselves and have a better relationship to approaching how to express themselves,” she explains.

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For those who do not know what a natal, or birth chart is, it is basically a snapshot of the sky on the very moment we came into this physical world. Every person’s chart is different because it takes into account the exact day, time, and place he or she was born. The idea is that different planets and asteroids govern different parts of a person’s life and give off different energies. Depending on which constellation they are passing through at the time of someone’s birth can dictate what parts of their life they will affect.

“It’s a holistic science so there is a lot of information packed into it,” she explains, but she takes on the challenge of translating this for her clients into a wardrobe that truly aligns with their soul.

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On Her Biggest Source of Motivation

Sasha’s biggest source of motivation honestly comes from the fact that we are all going to die. “While that sounds grim,” she admits. “We all have a limited time here and I want to make the most of it. I really do believe in a purpose and I don’t take that lightly.”

On the Highlights of Her Career

Sasha’s favorite part about the work she does is getting to know a person, and feeling that the person she is working with feels seen. “It is super rewarding,” she gushes. “If it wasn’t impactful, I wouldn’t want to be a stylist.”

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On the Difficulties of Her Job 

Self-employment can come with hurdles and “staying accountable is a challenge,” she reveals. Although it can be tricky, it is also helpful because she has no excuse but to show up to work since her office is literally in her home. “You need to be able to separate yourself from your personal responsibilities,” she advises. “You need to be your own disciplinarian which can be challenging for sure.”

Another huge difficulty is “building something from literally nothing.” There is “the excitement that nobody else can do this because I literally made it up,” she laughs. “It is scary because there is no path, but it’s also kind of the joy of it.”

Her Goals for the Future

2020 is the year of the sun for Sasha. This summer she plans on writing her first collection of books. The collection will be about one concept {the sun} and broken down into twelve books on each sign. It will be about how the sun affects each sign in astrology, and how each person can best explore and commune with the sun to learn about their own personal identity. “There is no right or wrong,” Sasha explains. “It is just a guide.”

Another goal of hers is to develop workshops to go along with the books. She plans on starting her workshops locally, then making her way to traveling around the U.S. 

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Hoboken + Jersey City Favorites

Favorite Local Boutiques:

Mint Market in Jersey City — Danielle is the raddest person on the planet. Their contemporary and vintage offering really gives something to everybody. The energy when you walk in is so inviting and open. The taste level is really on point. They have done a great job of editing and bringing a kind of simplicity and elevation to Hoboken that was needed.

Favorite Local Restaurant:

Truly where do I eat the most? Mario’s Pizza. I’m a pizza-aholic!

{Fun Fact: Sasha and her boyfriend go out to eat on the 13th of every month. They will start on 1st Street in Hoboken and make their way up to 14th, trying out a new restaurant each month along the way!}

Favorite Place to Work Out:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the UFC Gym. It’s not exactly a yoga practice, but there is something that allows you to drop off the mind. It allows me to get in touch with my body and my nature, and release my daily mechanics. It’s a great release and a great practice.

Favorite Salon:

Two01 Hair — the owner, Ashley, is a killer colorist. I truly wouldn’t go anywhere else!

What she loves most about living here:

I love the walkability and I really do love living on the river. I know the view of the buildings is something that people really care about, but I think the view of the river is far more spectacular than anything man-made. The river is very soothing and watching the sun hit the river and the movement of it is very calming.

Keep up with Sasha on Instagram @aligned.style.theory and check out her website at www.alignedstyletheory.com to see more about her incredible service, and see what she is up to next!

Interested in scheduling a style consultation? Email [email protected].

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