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Perusing Pinterest: March Madness Treats {and Party Ideas}

by Jennifer Tripucka
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With March Madness in full swing, it’s time to get serious. So what better way than to host a March Madness party using Pinterest as your all-knowing guru and guide? (Disclaimer: if you are wondering what March Madness is, please remove the rock that you’re living under and get yourself a computer or head to the nearest bar!)

We digress. Anyway, if you were to have a March Madness Party, hypothetically, there would be a variety of things there, such as:

1. Basketball Cake


2. Basketball Chocolates

Technically this was made for a groom’s cake, but it’s totally NOT over the top for a March Madness party.


3. March Madness Table Layout


This website has adorable ideas for making it a basketball-centric evening!

4. Basketball Cake Pops

Hudson Cakery came up with something similar… {see below for a friend’s birthday carrot cake // cake pops}:

hudson cakery basketball pops

Outta this world.

5. Basketball Cupcakes

More sugar. More rockin’ it as a hostess.

6. Basketball Sugar Cookies

Last sugar high, promise.

This is linked through pinterest- but click through the picture from the link to get to the actual site.

7. Basketball Nails

If you want to deck yourself in basketball gear but don’t have time to buy a jersey or read up on who is actually in this tournament — paint your nails!


8. Date Night: March Madness

The Dating Divas said it right– what better way to impress your significant, basketball-loving other than with a little March Madness date night? Tuck some pretend basketball tickets (with a little note about watching the game together), make some fun bets, and see if you get lucky!


Have some other ideas for basketball-oriented craftiness?

How are you watching the games – perhaps in Hoboken (or totally not interested at all)?

Tweet HG– we wanna hear!

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