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The Bond Society: A Permanent Jewelry Company Started by NJ Locals

by Jordan and Joelle Hernandez
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We’ve all heard of permanent tattoos and piercings. But, the new trend for adding something permanent to your body doesn’t involve needles (sign us up!). We’re talking permanent jewelry and two New Jersey locals are taking the industry by storm. Jacqueline Busichio and Lyndsey D’Alessandro, college roommates and best friends, are the brains behind The Bond Society, a luxe, permanent jewelry company specializing in 14k gold pieces. We had a chance to connect with Jacquie and Lyndsey to learn more about The Bond Society story and how much fun running a business with your best friend can be. Read on for more about this local company.

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Best Friends Forever

The Bond Society was founded in May 2022 by Jacquie and Lyndsey. “Beginning The Bond Society started as a simple conversation between two friends that quickly turned into an exciting business venture. One that our entrepreneurial spirits had always craved,” Lyndsey shared. Jacquie continued, “It came so organically and easy to us, there was just no way that we weren’t going to do it.”

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While the business started in 2022, Jacquie and Lyndsey’s friendship began more than a decade prior when they met as college freshmen at Montclair State University in 2011. After that first year, they knew they had a special bond and went on to become roommates for the remaining three years of school. Upon graduation in 2015, distance separated them for the first time but, the two knew they would always remain close. “2015 came quicker than expected, Lyndsey stayed in North Jersey while I went back home to South Jersey, Jacquie said.” She went on to say, “even though there was now a “distance” between us, this did not affect our friendship, as we knew this was one for all the years to come.

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Getting Started

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Prior to starting The Bond Society, both Jacquie and Lyndsey had full-time roles. “When we first started this venture, sleep was not in our favor. We both had full-time jobs while working on The Bond Society every moment we could,” the owners shared. Both Jacquie and Lyndsey now both commit 100% of their working hours to The Bond Society, having left their full-time positions to pursue their dream. Both state that it was not a difficult decision to give up those roles, but it was scary. However, one word both ladies used to describe how they overcame this fear was support. “Having the support from each other gave us the courage to take the jump,” Lyndsey shared. Jacquie also stated, “One thing that has always remained consistent is the support we receive from each other. With this, we knew embarking on this journey together would create a thriving co-ownership.

Permanent Jewelry

A recent Reader’s Digest article suggests that permanent jewelry is finally having its moment. And while the concept of never taking off certain pieces of jewelry has been practiced since ancient times, companies like The Bond Society are giving this idea a modern face-lift.

the bond society

When it came to starting a jewelry company, Jacquie and Lyndsey knew they wanted to steer clear of clasps on their pieces. “Let’s be real, clasps are a b*tch, so we kicked them to the curb. Our Permanent Jewelry allows you to customize your style and fit to create the perfect piece you never have to remove,” the owners explained. The Bond Society only uses 14k Gold for all chains. Customers can choose the length of their pieces to create rings, bracelets, anklets, or necklaces.

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The ladies went on to say, “at The Bond Society, we only work with 14k gold, the real deal. We have always cherished our jewelry and have never considered creating pieces that have an expiration date.” Each piece is custom fit to the individual and is bonded onto the body seamlessly, leaving a simple, dainty, and elegant chain. Given their New Jersey roots, Jacquie and Lyndsey decided to name the chain variations after local places that are special to them. “Naming our chains started out as giving each style a name after a special place in our hearts,” Lyndsey shared. Jacquie continued by saying, “our friendship began in Montclair as college roommates, which was our first and easiest to name.” Other chains are named after local areas like Hoboken, Brooklyn, Montauk, and Hudson.

That Special Bond

Choosing to purchase a piece of permanent jewelry can be a big decision for many people and The Bond Society wants this decision to feel special. “Creating lasting, loving bonds in all our relationships is the basis of our lives. It’s what keeps us grounded. So, without question, this led us to know that this would be the foundation of The Bond Society,” Jacquie shared.

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The Bond Society operates mainly on a pop-up basis frequenting local boutiques, restaurants and bars, and clothing retailers — or the business can be booked for private events. When customers know where they will be popping up next, there’s an opportunity to schedule an appointment to get bonded, and walk-in spots are usually available as well. Customers are encouraged to come with family and friends to share the special moment. “Whether you fly solo to a pop-up or bond with your BFF each experience is unique on its own.” The Bond Society is the perfect addition for any type of event, whether it is a friends’ night in, birthday celebration, or even your wedding day, we love to be part of it all,” shared the owners.

Where to Find The Bond Society

The Bond Society shares its pop-up schedule via Instagram @thebondsociety_. Most pop-ups take place in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, but The Bond Society recently announced that it will be expanding outside the local area soon. When the pop-up schedules are released, signing up for an appointment is highly encouraged. Walk-ins are accepted as well but are subject to availability. The Bond Society can also accommodate requests for private events, making it the perfect addition to bachelorette parties, weddings, bridal showers, corporate events, or family get-togethers. Private events must be booked in advance and have a five-person minimum.

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“One thing we’ve held true to ourselves is that every piece of jewelry in our lives has had a story behind it. Permanent jewelry deepened this meaning for us, and now allows us to bond novelty memories and experiences for others through our jewelry,” Jacquie and Lyndsey stated. To learn more about The Bond Society and where Jacquie and Lyndsey will be popping up next, follow them on Instagram or on the website.

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