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Meet Order Hoboken: The New Food Delivery App Keeping It Local

by Ainsley Layland
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Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, delivery apps reign supreme, making it possible for a meal to satisfy any craving  to arrive at your doorstep, on average, within 30 to 45 minutes. While having your food delivered can’t be beat, it’s the associated fees that frustrate users and restaurant owners alike. Here to change that and keep funds as local as possible, four NJIT graduates have just released a new delivery app called Order Hoboken. Keep reading to learn more about the app and the exclusive offer for Hoboken Girl readers.

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A Delivery App Built for Hoboken

Four graduates from the New Jersey Institute of Technology have teamed up to create a new delivery app, specifically designed for Hoboken. Samir Peshori takes care of sales and operations, Maanav Patel handles accounting and legal, Dev Acharya covers the development of the product, and Eklavya Patel takes care of marketing and does all the design work and aesthetics of the product.

“We offer our clients a food delivery platform dedicated to serving restaurants in Hoboken. Users who order through our platform save on heavy fees the big delivery platforms take and so do the restaurants on Order Hoboken,” Samir told Hoboken Girl. “Instead of taking a hefty commission of 20 to 30% from the restaurants on our platform, we are solely taking a small flat fee per order.”

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The small, standard fee levels the playing field for restaurants of all sizes to be able to make use of the app. The fees are used to reinvest into marketing throughout Hoboken for the restaurants using the platform. 

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“The best part of running our business is the number of restaurants we are able to work with, learn from, and impact. Every owner and customer on our platform has a story that we love to hear,” Samir said. “The restaurant owners we have spoken to each have a different story, a different background with which they have started their own restaurant, how they manage it, and what it means to them.”

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Order Hoboken Actively Supports the Community

The goal of Order Hoboken is to provide a platform that is not only a means for Hoboken residents and restaurants to save money while ordering online but also to build a stage for local businesses to thrive.

This app provides an opportunity to spotlight all the work small businesses put into serving the community. The upcoming Order Hoboken Food Festival in mid-January 2022 will officially recognize all the restaurants on the platform.

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The Order Hoboken Difference

Order Hoboken is a delivery platform and space for restaurants in town to market their offerings but still retain the hard-earned profits they deserve. What makes Order Hoboken different is the fact that it doesn’t take service fees from the user. 

“We do not take service fees from our users and we do not take a high percentage away from each order, from the restaurants on our team,” Samir said. “Our focus is specifically for the town and serving the community with this initiative.”

Nothing beats the motivation of making your community a better place.

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“The sense of community in Hudson County is truly strong. People and businesses are really willing to help one another out, and we have learned that through direct experience from our work in these last months,” Samir mentioned. “We didn’t know many people in the beginning, but just by talking to and reaching out to folks here, we have received so much help in building the platform and spreading the word about it.”

That camaraderie has given the Order Hoboken team the confidence to carry out its mission to serve local restaurants.

“With the town’s help and support we can really make this happen and do justice for our local restaurants in town that deserve to keep their hard-earned money for their hard work day and day out, serving our community,” Samir said.

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Don’t forget to use the code “HobokenGirl” to receive $10 OFF your first order.

Order Hoboken is available to download in the App Store. Android users can order via orderhoboken.com. You can also call 732-723-7803 or email [email protected] with any questions.

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